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Zarla cameo part 4

 David reluctantly wakes up to find himself on his little corner, cuddling against Hunter. He quickly realizes what he did and gets off, and blushes. He looks around the room to see that Charger, and Jockey are around the Safe house door, sleeping . Smokers nearby Hunter who was cuddling for her.

“Double cuddle!” David thought with a smile. David, stealth-fully moves toward the door. Past Hunter, and Smoker, and almost kicking Jockey’s stomach, David looks outside. There’s a hallway, to an exit, with a road. Near the road is quite sandy, so a beach is most likely nearby. A single common infected can be seen, but there is something more. It’s not any of his old comrades,  or a hunter, and hopefully not a Tank.

“Huh?” Jockey said lazily waking up. She looks at David, who can see her getting up. “What are you doing?”

“Just looking to see what were up against. So far not much, there’s a problem though. There is nothing. No birds “cawing”, and no moans. I would suspect a tank, but it would have bashed this door in. ”

“You’re starting to sound like Charger.”

“I “think” that’s a good thing, although I’m not that bright. She does seem like your leader, or at least temporary leader.”

“Yeah, she’s amazing. We would have probably been in some serious jam if she didn’t get here in time. Also I would watch your back from now on!”


“Well when you were singing, and then fell asleep, or were on top of Hunter. You kind a cuddle with her, with your arms around, and your face against her stomach.” Jockey said reluctantly said, not attempting eye contact. This caused David, to blush, enough that his tan skin around his face turned red with embarrassed-ment. He quickly turned. And pulled down his hoodie, so that it covered is now, rosy cheeks.

“Aww, are you blushing? Hunter said, who for some strange reason, snuck up on David, when he wasn’t looking.

David turned around to check if it was hunter, on reflexes, and almost freaked out, but was muffled by Jockeys hand.

“How did you do that!?”

“You’re not quite, and when you got off me, I felt something move.”

“Oh”, David said, blushing enough that his entire face, and neck are crimson. David, on more times, looks at the safe room door, and looks past it. The infected is now gone, replaced with a boomer, crouching, behind a wall, surprisingly, not belching as  much. That strange monster is still out there, assuring his fears.

“Something out there?”

“That’s what I asked him!”


“What does that mean?”

“There’s a boomer behind the wall, but there is still something else out there.”

A groan is made nearby Jockey. Charger’s waking up, who most likely fell asleep when her turn of watch was over. Soon Smoker got up, with Hunter slowly, and quietly walking over, but it didn’t matter. David payed no attention to any of them. He grabbed a pistol, that was on the floor, and check again for the boomer. Nothing, once more.

“This thing is getting frustrating!”  David thought.

“Everyone ready?” Charger said, right behind David. They must be disciplined to get ready in less than a minute. Everyone nods, and Charger makes her way to the door. David moves aside, puts the pistol down, and replaces it with his axe.

“Something’s wrong.” Charger said, surveying the hallway.

“You can tell too, huh?

“There’s not one infected we can see. Not even the normal zombies are out there.”

“Well there’s nothing we can do waiting around here!” Hunter said loudly, interrupting the little conversation Charger, and David were having, Charger open the door, and walked five steps. David followed, as did Jockey.

“All clear!” Charger, telling her team mates.

That thing, that David, and even possibly Charger knew about was nearby. It could be hiding, but it was something strange. David thought, while the group was waiting, checking what was a miss. From all the infected they found, there were hunters, chargers, smokers, jockeys, spitters, screamers, witches, and warlocks, stalkers, bloomers, and Tanks. Thinking the normal behavior patterns of these, none of them fit the bill. Tanks could scare off the other infected, but Tanks never hide. It would have attacked while the group was sleeping. Hunters hide, and ambush, but wouldn’t detour other infected.

“There’s something new out there.” David said ominously.

“What do you mean?” Jockey, Charger and Hunter said, with Smoker completely ignoring what he said.

“Think about it, what infected does this. It’s scaring the common and special, but it’s hiding from us.

“Well, let’s go face it. We’re just waiting for a horde, or a tank, and that thing.

Everyone nods again, and they go off. At the end of the hallway, wind hits the back of everyone’s neck. Instinctively they look what caused this. A monstrous beast leaped toward them. It landed, knocking back Hunter, and Smoker towards the safe house. Charger, Jockey and David got knocked towards the other side.

David got a good look of it. It was a rumored infected, deemed by the CEDA a “Haggard”. It was in the process of becoming a Tank, when getting too much iron in the blood. This caused a mutation within the iron, and grew spikes out of it, as well of having pipes sticking out. It most likely stuck it in there, for having the infected version of an addiction for metal, and iron. The haggard itself has the hunch of like a Jockey, and the arms similar to a small charger, but both arms are big. It had ruined clothes in, most likely to previous debris that it pulled out.

The haggard roared with rage, as it swung towards Jockey. Everyone shot at it, but David and Jockey. Jockey was too petrified that this monster was going after her, and David swung his fire axe, at it, trying to distract it from Jockey. The haggard just swung its arm at him, and he flew five feet back.

Jockey finally realizes the situation  and points it gun at it, but it’s too late. The haggard grabs her, and darts towards David. It swings at him, but David jumps out of the way. Before finishing the land, however the Haggard grabs David’s legs, and pulls him in. With both hands free, the Haggard throws David towards the wall, at starts running towards it, only to be cut off by a accidently shot molotov.

David, looking for revenge, grabs his axe, and swings vertically at the haggard, hoping to split its head in two. The haggard side swipes, and smacks David, with Jockey, still being squeezed in its hand. It grabs a pipe from its back, and throws it towards Hunter, who ducks in the nick of time. David, now changing his strategy, aims for its legs. The haggard jumps up, making David lose his balance, and land directly on top of him, curb stomping him.

The haggard now incapacitating one teammate, and has the other in it’s cold, and bloody hands, Charger gets closer to it.

“Enough” Charger screamed, but surprisingly keeping her cool, at pulled the trigger of her shotgun. Each one of the bullets pierced through its silent face. It lets go of Jockey and stumbles back off of David.

Hunter rushes to help Jockey, who looks dizzy and off key. She grabs Jockey, who was about to fall, and pulls her back to balance. Jockey shakes her head and regains balance. Charger pulled David up, who’s body tells him to sit down, but his mind tells him to get up. David is even more dizzy then Jockey, for the obvious reason of getting curb stomped.

                A high pitched sound deafen his ears, as he’s about to hit the floor. He ears the sound, “David, --- -ou a—ight?” He shakes his head, and pushes his body up, with his right hand. Charger pulls him back to two legs, and checks the haggard.

 He gets up, checks for any blood leaks, which unfortunately, that haggard cracked the very right edge of  his jaw. He puts his hand over it, for support. Knowing his ability to heal quickly, the crack will be there for only a few hours, regarding the small size of the area that cracked.

“Are you alright? You got hurt pretty bad, and it smashed your head against the pavement”, Hunter asked curiously.

David looks at her, and talks with an unfortunate speech impediment, “No, I pink I prowke my brah”

“Your bra, huh? I thought you were a guy.”, Hunter said jokingly.

“No. My brah, brah, bwuck … How ‘bout dis. I cracked my bway – ay – why.” David said, frustrated.

“That’s not helping” Hunter said smiling ear to ear.

“Hunter stopped fooling around, he broke his jaw.” Charger said cool headily yet very stern,

“Al right, Charger. I was just having some fun.”, Hunter said, still grinning like ever. Charger makes it towards the road. She turns left, then right, then not making the mistake twice, looks up just in case.

“All clear! We should start moving quick, this would be a problem if a tank showed. There’s cars to the right”

Jockey rushes forward, bouncing up and down a little. She checks towards where Charger said there was cars. Hunter followed, and Smoker did so too. David check his echo location, just to see what they’re up against. Bouncing through the walls, there was two Hunters, eating on the flesh, of a two day old kill. At the distance David was in, he couldn’t use pheromones to shoo them off. For now, he would have keep an eye on them, until he got to the dockyard.

Jockey checks by the corner, and signals everyone to follow. Hunter rushes towards them, with Smoker following closely.

David walks towards them, constantly looking back so that they wouldn’t get ambushed again.

Smoker starts whispering to Hunter, who just smiles. David wouldn’t want to know what they were talking about, but just for curiosity , David checks in, nonchalantly.

He heard Smoker say, “I still don’t trust him. He comes out of nowhere, are Charger and Jockey just decide to save him.”

“Well if you don’t remember, you’re the one who shot him, and we didn’t lose supplies. We used his med-kit. It was the least we can do, but for right now, get along with him.”

“Fine, but I still don’t trust him a bit.”

“You wouldn’t be Smoker if you did. You would be some zombie, or an imposter.”

David walked away, as he started smiling. A long dusty road, at least stretching a mile or so, was leading to the ocean. It was too far, with not enough walls too bounce around in, so his echo location couldn’t tell exactly where it was. He could just hear the ocean.

The waves crashing against the smoothed sand. The slash of waves, against a palm tree. The dead silence, every two seconds .Something was wrong. No pelicans, no fish, no nothing.  The ocean breeze, even making it towards him, was silent, though powerful enough to almost knock him off his already dizzy legs.

“Bere’s a storm brewing. It’s maybe a twopical storm, or a class one or two huwicane. Either way that’s pretty bad. Unless I’m getting the bwong signals.”, David said, forgetting his jaw was hurting.

“A storm? How can you tell? It’s a pretty bright day.” Jockey said, looking back at him.


David walked forward, so he didn’t have to yell to say something, and to not attract a horde. Jockey still looking confused at what David said, with his speech problem, not helping at what David said, with his speech problem, not helping.

David said, trying to not attract attention to certain letters, “Do you peel the wind. It’s moist, as well as strong. We got to be carepul.”

Jockey giggled a little, and said, “I’m sorry, but the way you say things, is funny”

“That tends to happen, when you get curbed-stomped.” David said, angry, but not trying to sound like he’s scolding her.

“If we hurry, we can make it to the ocean in thirty minutes or maybe an hour. That’s only if we move quickly and silently.”

Hunter, Jockey and Smoker nods. David tries to nod, but the pain was bad, so he somewhat did it diagonally. Every follows Charger, with no coordinated order. Just Smoker was in the back, Hunter stayed with her, and Charger was in the front.

The road was not a area you could ambush easily. The only thing that you could ambush someone, was a bathroom stall, which there was only one, or a telephone pole. David could tell, that the Hunters from before, was going to follow behind, on them.

The group made it to the bathroom. Hunter wanted to check it for supplies, like so many others had. Charger  and Jockey went in the other one, leaving David and Smoker to be sentry.

David, for a moment, tries to think of a way, to break the ice with Smoker, but end up breaking him, … Again.

“So,… Hunter mentioned bwefwly said something about you sing.”

“Yeah, but I’m not doing a performance.”

“Awe you thure? Not even for guest”

“I just said I’m not doing one.”

“Fwine. Just a question though, Why?”

“I don’t like strangers.”

“I sque your point.”

“Talk normally.”

“I can’t, I got curwbed stomped."

Another silent pause was made between them. David wants to get on good terms, while Smoker just wants him to leave. David checks his surroundings, to see if those Hunters, or if that Boomer from before was nearby. The boomer wasn’t there, while a single hunter was on the telephone pole. The other hunter’s location remains a mystery.