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Zarla cameo pt 3

Even is shocked from the ambush, except for David for his echolocation and enhanced hearing abilities. And Charger, who knew if they ran off, it, would happen.  Smoker is annoyed with Hunters brash decision, Hunter is still startled, and Chargers annoyed at David for endangering her team.


“What did you think you were doing!?” Smoker screamed.

“Trying to get my gun.”

“You could have killed Hunter, you, asshole!”

“I didn’t tell you not to watch her! Besides, I’m the only one who got hurt.”

“We should ‘a left you for dead!”

“Smoker that’s enough!” Charger interrupted. Her eyes were lit up light fire. She had that expression of a Major with an attitude and a fist clenching her gun so tight; it looks like she was going to break it.

“Mmmph, …  Bastard, David.” Smoker said to herself, still resentment in her eyes.

David puts his foot underneath the gun, and kicks it upwards, and grabs it. He opens up the clip, “Nothing” He says. “God damn it”

“We should head out. A horde is coming, and we are trapped here.” Charger said, half trying to assert herself, other half is unknown.

She and Jockey start walking forward. Smoker is still death starting David, who can tell. Hunter is still startle, but fine. Everyone knew that she was going to be on edge.

With the horde getting close, and David knowing that his temporary is not as durable as the others, he thought for a good few seconds. He remembered about one of Oscars nonstop talking about physiology. He remembered that he could tap into his group’s subconscious mind. He just needed to go faster.

He moved, about two steps per second faster, catching up to Charger. She looked over at him, still with annoyance in her eyes.

“Thanks” David said, not really explaining himself.


“Thanks for defusing the situation. I’d rather not get killed or kill someone, that isn’t a zombie.  So, thanks. Also you, Jockey, for getting that Hunter off me”

“Alright”, both of them said.

A silent pause was made. The horde stopped moaning. No chirps of birds. No footsteps. Not even the wind was heard.

“Something’s wrong.” Charger said instinctively. “Hunter, Smoker, get over here.”

They huddled towards Charger, and Jockey, but kept distance away from David, obviously.

David started using a low frequency sound. Low enough that they wouldn’t notice, but high enough that he could get a good 50 yard location. Something is wrong indeed. David couldn’t pick up anything. No birds, no tanks, no witches, no chargers, no hunter, nothing.

“Shlkt”. A smokers tongue went flying out, from the support beams from the roof. It grabbed Hunter, and started dragging her away.

Everyone but David started firing at him, since he doesn’t have a gun with ammo. David started chasing her, before she could get to far.

Suddenly, David’s instincts forced him to look to his left. A charger, with his left arm amputated, and his face with a boot impression.

He let his non-understandable screech out, and charged at David. David jumped backwards, enough that it couldn’t grab him in time, but wasn’t enough that he was stunned. It charged hit to a wall, at the other side of the hall, but was killed by Jockey, and Smoker before it charged them.

David rushed towards Hunter, who now stopped being pulled, but is still getting choked. David pulls the smoker’s tongue, ripping it out. Charger shot it in the face and the smoker puffed out. Hunter landed on her feet and picked up her gun.

“We should start moving again” Hunter pointed out, panting.

Everyone nodded and they were on the move again. They moved through three hallways, without one common infected. David started looking more neurotic than normal, he was constantly looking back. They entered a large sized room. The safe room is across it.

He finally said, “I can tell something’s going to be bad. The horde stopped moving again. This time I doubt that we can get through so easily.”

They started walking far enough that a hunter or a charger couldn’t knock them all back, but close enough that a smoker couldn’t kill them. A loud panting was made, and everyone knew what it meant. Another tank was nearby. Everyone went near the safe room, which was wide open.

“I’m going to check inside” Jockey said with false confidence in her eyes.  She peered in and back out, and turned to charger.

“Nothing is in there”

“You sure, Jockey?”

“Nothing there”

“We might wanna get in if there’s nothing there” David said interrupting Charger and Jockey’s little conversation.

“Alright, you go first, and the rest will cover you. You’ve been hurt the most.” Charger said, quickly nodding at David quickly. David moves in front of the group and turns to the safe house.

 He turns and screams, “OH SHI-“, and gets sucked punch by a tank, hiding around the corner of the safe room. David gets knocked back at least twenty feet, before hitting a pipe on his left shoulder.

Things go fuzzy for him, from his wound opening up again, to the adrenalin, do the downright pain. Muffled shots are made, and the tank is dead in no time.

David shakes his head quickly, and just blankly stares at Hunter, who’s been looking at him for the last minute. He finally released she was there, and flinch an inch away.

“Nice reflexes, champ” Hunter said, with a grin. “Come on, we gotta patch that wound up.”

“Are you sure, that safe house is evil. I think it doesn’t like me” David said  half joking, half serious. Suddenly, large footsteps were made around them. That horde was getting close.

“Safe room it is!”

Hunter pulls up him, minding his shoulder, and rush towards the door. They make it almost completely through, and Jockey slammed the door. Unfortunately, I said almost, and she slammed the door on David’s right leg.

“MOTHER FU-! You girls are going to spend all your time torturing me aren’t you?” Jockey opened the door slightly, so his leg can get through. Then closed the door and barred it.

“Sorry! Anything I could get you”

“A med-kit would be nice.”


“Damn it. I guess, I have to deal through this What’s our next move, Charger? Move, or rest?”

“You’re hurt, aren’t you?”

“True. True.”

David looks around the room. It’s a medium sized office, most likely for management over construction.  The med-kits, have been taken, and same with the guns.

David notices a very nice corner of the room to rest in. He limps toward it, and starts putting more pressure on his new opened wound.

“You alright” David looks up. It’s Hunter with her med-kit, behind her. “I got something for you” She said with a sincere smile, but in the background, David could clearly see Smoker, angry with him. Hunter pulled it from her back.

“Hold still. I’d rather not kill someone, trying to help them.”

“You sure you want to use that on me? Smoker looks like she’s gonna make a new hole in my chest, anyway” David said with a smile, just as the finishes touches to his shoulder was made.

Hunter looked back at Smoker, to check what she was doing. Her face lightened up, but David could tell that Smoker was more angry then a few seconds ago, and Hunter could tell the same.

“Hey smoker, you mind lightening the mood a little? Hunter said, grinning, like a devious child.

“And explain to me, why I would do that”

“Since your pockets are pick-able, and I snagged the rest of your cigarettes.

“Why you little, … What do you want me to do?” Smoker said with a more angry face. David could tell that Hunter was a genius. Even though she’s angry, she is not. She is just annoyed.

“Sing for our guest”

“Wait, what!?” Both David and Smoker blurted out.

“You heard me. I want you to sing.”

“That’s ok.” David said jokingly nervously. He signaled Hunter to come closer. He whispered into her ears, “I’d rather not get shot up again.”

Hunter winked at him and blurted out, “David just volunteered to be our entertainment!”

“I never agreed to this. Where’s my contract!?” David jokingly said. “What do you want me to do. If it’s beat boxing or dancing, no.

“I want you to sing.”

“Sing what?”

“Anything, pick something good.”

“Hey Jockey, Nights in white satin, I’m the scatman, or  When your evil?” David asking With a smile.

Jockey thinks for a second and says, “When your evil. I never heard that before”

David quickly says, “Just telling you, I suck at singing” Then clears his throat. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNNwC0qzxa4)

“When the Devil is too busy
And Death's a bit too much
They call on me by name you see,
For my special touch.
To the Gentlemen I'm Miss Fortune
To the Ladies I'm Sir Prize
But call me by any name
Any way it's all the same

I'm the fly in your soup
I'm the pebble in your shoe
I'm the pea beneath your bed
I'm a bump on every head
I'm the peel on which you slip
I'm a pin in every hip
I'm the thorn in your side
Makes you wriggle and writhe

And it's so easy when you're evil
This is the life, you see
The Devil tips his hat to me
I do it all because I'm evil
And I do it all for free
Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need…

While there's… children to make sad
While there's candy… to be had
while there's pockets left to pick, …

While there’s, .. while there’s,…”

David quickly falls asleep on Hunters shoulder, who sat down, somewhere within his

performance. Out like a flash, and a dream rolls in. It’s a peaceful, and somewhat comforting, both the dream and Hunter.


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Feb. 16th, 2011 02:10 am (UTC)
Mystical, Magical, and a touch of sugar. :P

Makes me want to ride a unicycle, like one of those russian bears. OUT OF PURE JOY.
Feb. 16th, 2011 02:52 am (UTC)
Mama, im scared. TT.TT
But seriously, what are you on, cuz i need in :P
Feb. 16th, 2011 03:34 am (UTC)
I tooked all the pills in the box. Now colors taste good. Lom lom lom lom?
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