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Zarla cameo pt 2

                “Hey I think he’s waking up” Someone said in a southern sweet voice.

David started to open his eyes, and then a sudden jolt of pain rushed through him. His shoulder felt like it’s been patched up, but recently, because he could still feel blood oozing out.

“Don’t move”, That same sweet voice said. “Charger said that if you wake up keep you down.”, David wanting to grip his shoulder, although he was told not to, and was about to, the person put their hand down on his keeping him from moving. “Just wait here while I get Charger. Ok?”


                “Good now just rest awhile”

David got a glimpse of the person who helped him. It was a girl with a nice tan. She had a pink sweater, so white shorts, and a yellow shirt. She had a giant blonde ponytail braided back.

“Hey Hunter can you watch him while I go get Charger?”

“Sure” That voice that probably saved me spoke.

Yup, that’s the girl from before. Only this time her hoodie is down. The other girl walked out of the room while Hunter, David presumes, is intently staring at him.

“Ugh… what are you doing?” David asked stupidly.

“Making sure that you’re not doing something stupid.” She replied with a smirk.              

“Thanks, wouldn’t want that dumbass David doing something stupid. I heard he climbed over a support beam of this construction zone and got shot down. He took some pain pills and got saved by this girl. I believe her name was hunter but I’m not entirely sure. That’s right … Right?” David said in a sarcastic voice until the end.

“Yeah I’m hunter, the girl that asked me to watch you is Jockey, the one who shot you is Smoker, and the one who never smiles is Charger.”

“Why are you guys’ names are those of the infected. I get Hunter but the other ones is a bit,… strange.”

“Never thought of it that way” Hunter said thinking.

Then a woman entered the room. She had a zoo uniform on, and bandana, and a nice scar on her face. “Ok …” She said in a completely serious voice. “You got shot in a particularly bad spot. I’m honestly surprised you made it”

“Well, NOONE MAY KILL THE AWESOME DAVID!” David said loudly in triumph. “Tis but a scratch.”

 Her eyes got more annoyed, angrier, and a bit sad but mostly annoyed. “Now I’m guessing you’re name is David?”


“Ok David, we have to talk about moving on and out of this location. If we stay a horde and possibly a Tank will come. This museum is huge, but we know that there is a boatyard nearby. They used it for cargo, if there isn’t a boat nearby then we can use a radio or keep moving. Got it”

“Sounds like a plan. However I have one thing to ask you. Why did you guys help me? You could have robbed me, or not check I’m human, think I’m a Hunter and shoot me, but why did you help me?

Hunter leaned towards David’s ear, quickly glance towards Jockey and back at David. She put her hand near his ear and said “Because we wouldn’t hear the end of it from Jockey”

David looked at her, she smiled and David looked at Hunter again. “Sweet girl. Heh, I trust you, she seems like that type”,

David quickly smiles and speaks again, “So… Who’s the badass that shot me?”

Hunter backs off, looks at the doorway, and then looks at Charger. “You think he can walk?”

Charger thinks to herself for a moment then asks “David, you think you can walk? Were going on the move soon, and you can be an extra gun. ”

David looks down, then looks at his shoulder which him now noticing, stops hurting, and looks back up and says, “I guess so, but you think you can help me up.

 Jockey and Charger extend their hands to David and pull him up. “Thank you kindly” David says in a bad southern accent. This put a cute, but a little creepy smile on Jockey’s face. “

So, where did you guys put my stuff?” David asked to Charger.

 Hunter, however, answered, now somewhat seriously, but with her optimistic tone, “You’re gun broke you’re fall, you’re axe is fine, we used you’re med-kit on you and you’re pills you ate. We don’t have any extra guns ourselves. You’re just sticking to your axe.”

Everyone starts walking out of the room. Jockey first, and then Charger and then Hunter, watching David somewhat limp out of the room.

“Ah well, can’t jog out of this one” David said purposefully sadly, and then smiled at Hunter.

“Trust me; running away is a bad idea. Hey smoker, this is David. You know the one you shot.”

 “Smoker” turned around. She was rather middle aged women, or a much stressed out 30 year old. She was wearing a greenish yellow blouse, a red blaid long sweater looking thingy. David couldn’t think of the name of it. She had worn skinny jeans, and with a face that she would have left David for dead.

Trying to get her to smile, or to stop death staring him, David said, “So, I’m guessing you’re the badass who sniped me” David leaned forward smiling but she kept on death staring him.

Hunter interrupted Smoker’s stare feast with saying, “God smoker, you look like you want to kill him like Gryphon.”

Smoker looked away, smiled then chuckled a little bit.

“How the hell you do that!?” David asked Hunter surprised.

“Hey, hurry up!” Charger yelled.

David and Hunter started moving faster to the safe room door. They picked up their weapons are looked outside. David noticed that smoker had the sniper rifle, Jockey had a chrome shotgun and dual pistols, hunter picked up a katana and a sub-machine gun and Charger picked up another chrome shotgun and a machete.

 David noticing that his axe has next to him, grabbed it, swung it to his hand and grabbed it. “Sweet”.

Charger opens the door and starts shooting at the common infected. Only three were around the door but that’s ok, since we all are here, and we would have gotten holes in all them.  David leaves the room and enters the hall way. He notices that up ahead was where they fought the Tank. However, they looked a hallway that branched off. Charger said, after she inspected the hall way,

“All right, we should go down this hallway”

Hunter, Jockey and Smoker nods but David, curious about what happened to his teams asks, “Can we check over real quick.”

“Why?” Charger asks suspiciously. David quickly thinks to himself of the possibilities. He then though of the best way to handle this situation, he quickly said,

“My group past by here before we got separated. I wanted to see if they’re there, if not then maybe their guns are.

“You are missing out on a gun. Sure.”

David pears into the room, everything is how he saw it before. The tank is near the desk, piles and piles of the common infected everywhere, one of the hunters is crushed, and other is out of sight.

“No sign of anyone. Damn it… Hm …” David noticed that there is Alexis’s machine gun still near the Nature wing. Laughter arose. Not Keith’s Laughter, much too deep, not anyone he knew laughter. So it was an infected jockey. He took out his sheathed axe, ready to chop up anything that moves, while slowly moving forward.

“Hey, are you alright.” Hunter exclaimed who sneaked up behind him.

“HOLY SHIT! Oh it’s just you. Thank God. Why are you following me?” Hunter looks aggravated by the question and replies with anger,

“I wanted to make sure you didn’t die or something. No one likes losing people”.

 David thinks for a moment, looks back, and says, “Alright, but I want that machine-gun. It’s just calling me! David come and get me, I’m lonely and I want to shoot people. Rawr!”  Hunter looks toward the gun and back to David.

“Guys! What are you doing over there! We got to ke-, What happened here?” Jockey said, completely oblivious to what she just said.

“My group fought a tank that like the walls, and wanted to take a piece of it home. It attracted a nonstop horde, but now that sub-machine gun is calling for me. There’s a jockey over there though. That’s not gonna stop me, just be able to shoot it off ok?”

Everyone nodded at pointed the gun at David when they he was gonna get jockey’d, but this made David kind of nervous.

Off in the distance, David could hear a hunter. Crouching, waiting to pounce one of them. David, tried to tell him to back off, but from this distance, it couldn’t understand. The only hope of not getting jockey’d or pounced was the gun. He cautiously walked toward the gun, making his foot go to one corner, for reduced noise. The jockey still laughing, just got louder, but the hunter is still staying in one position, waiting to strike.

The gun now is five feet away. If he did a parkour roll, he could get to it, and rush over to his teammates before anything could happen. “WOOOO!”

A jockey grabbed David’s face and jumped to his back, and turned him around. With the jockey behind David and David is facing the others, friendly fire is too big of a risk. Hunter starts to hit it with her katana missing every time.  The hunter screeches, David was too preoccupied to notice it got so close.

Hunter starts to pant loudly, her heartbeat is obviously faster, but her legs won’t move.  The hunter tries to pounce Jockey, but she moves out of the way in the nick of time. The hunter isn’t done yet, and hits the wall, and shrieks again.

Charger and Smoker rush into the room with blazing speed, but the hunter isn’t giving up so easily. He hits the wall, getting shot at by Charger, and heads towards Hunter. Smoker pushes Hunter out of the way, barely dodging the hunter herself. The hunter keeps going and tackles the Jockey clawing out David’s face, and lands on top of him.

At this point the jockey runs away, the hunter pounced David, but David’s pissed. Jockey punches the hunter off David, who quickly gets up. He grabs his axe, and aims straight for the throat. One clean chop through its neck, decapitating it.

Even is shocked from the ambush, except for David for his echolocation and enhanced hearing abilities. And Charger, who knew if they ran off, it, would happen.  Smoker is annoyed with Hunters brash decision, Hunter is still startled, and Chargers annoyed at David for endangering her team.


“What did you think you were doing!?” Smoker screamed.

“Trying to get my gun.”

“You could have killed Hunter, you, asshole!”

“I didn’t tell you not to watch her! Besides, I’m the only one who got hurt.”