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Day 2

Dawn broke. Today, the rooster didn’t call, the sun didn’t seem to get up, but Lucy did. So did Tyson. They hear moans of pain outside the door. They heard scratches and banging. Lucy was to afraid to move. Tyson, grabbed his Dee baseball bat and handed Lucy her spade. Weapons in hand but both were too afraid to use them. They waited. After only one minute the scratching and banging stopped. Sounds of slicing and gurgling began. Like someone was drowning without the bubbles.

            Two voices pop out. One sounds deep and manly with bad lungs. The other is a lighter version of the first. The first said “Green twenty five is down. I repeat, green twenty five is down.” “We took him down good.” The other said giggling.

“You’re an idiot”

“That means I’m better then you”

“That doesn’t make sense”

“I’m an idiot and I’m still better then you.

“Hey, you think anyone lives here.

“Nah, this run down shack? It was probably after a raccoon or squirrel that hid in here.

            They looked at each other with a blank stare, they were thinking the same thing. “What’s going on. If the first victim was green one, what is green twenty five, and who were they?” Soon after their after hearing the two outside, they heard a slam, an engine revving, and wheels on a dirt road, growing softer, and softer. The rest of the night and it took until six for them to  fall back asleep.

The very next morning was an eerily, and silent until around eight fifteen. They finally found new charged batteries for the mini TV. It starts up normally. The mini TV was getting a bad reception. It was scratchy. Barely anything could be made out. However, when they changed the channel the news station came on. The female anchor women said panicking “Things are in chaos, --- there are some riots at ------. Things couldn’t be -----. The ------- ---- -- get in for help. Its just ---. ----- is a  ------------ at savanna. We are ----- live with Rochel” … Suddenly the sounds of moans and growling started to come from the mini TV. “AGGH!” a deep voiced man screamed. “They’re here! Get the guns, --- gonna ---- the …” Another man said, but was cut off, and a technical error sign was put up.

Lucy and Tyson turned to each other, with their mouths wide open. “Do you think we should leave?” Lucy asked. Tyson quickly replied,” No, not now, plus I’m inviting a friend, since what happened. That ok?” Lucy simply nodded in return. Tyson picked up the phone, and dialed. She could see the sweat on his four head. “Dang it Ellis, pick up the phone. Ugh, if you are watching NASCAR, I’m going to kill you.” Tyson said with a hint of sorrow, anger and a very small optimistic person. Tyson hangs up the phone. “He didn’t pick up. Great, just great!”Tyson screamed out. He then quickly covered his mouth, and looked around. All they could here was complete silence.

Then, roaring screeches of motor cycles. Roar around them. Deathly wails of those things from the night before, are there too. Then swishes, more wails, a gunshot, and a and crunch, followed by a squishy noise.   “Hey Blood, think we should rest here, or keep moving, cause those freaks are gonna follow us.” A young woman said, in a sincere way. “It’s the best thing we got so … why not.” A man said, in a calm, and joyful way. The door knob starts to move, good thing that since last night, they locked everything. The man said, with disappointment, said “Hey, is there anyone in there?” He banged on the door three times until his hand broke though the rotting wood. “Hey, what’s wrong with you man!” Lucy screamed out with blood lust in her voice.

After ten seconds of silence, the man reluctantly said “Whoops, I’m  sorry. I didn’t know, the was weak.” Lucy, as angry as ever said “Fine, whatever, but you’re fixing it. She points Tyson to his DEE bat, and his gun.

Lucy opens the door to see a young man with dark hair, looks very fit (Tyson is more fit, however). He’s wearing a black hoodie, baggy jeans, with the tips of them covered in blood or dye. He has dark hazel eyes, with both looking agitated, and has a medial mask on. There is also a women with long, dark blonde hair. She is wearing a black fur coat and black skinny jeans and black boots (She didn’t look anything like an emo). She had the same eyes as the other and also a medical mask.

The young man said, “Sorry about the door, I can pay for it, if you want. We’re not going to use them for long.” He started grinning, and having a mischievous look in his eyes. The women behind him, is clearly annoyed. “What do you want?” Tyson said angrily. “Well the worlds coming to an end, so…” He said, and then he paused. He finished completely serious and angry “I plan to live, … Got it?” Lucy said worried now, “What do you mean “Coming to an end””.

            “Well my dear ther- …” suddenly, loud screams, screeches, and growling started to appear. The women in the back screamed “Horde!” They two rushed pushing back alittle. Weapons drawn, (The young man had a fire axe, and the women had a pistol and a hunting rifle) they zoned out, and their battle instincts kicked in at the first sight of humanoids.

The women shot the first one. Then two popped out. She shot both of them in the head. Five more took their place. She fired ten shoots, now startling Lucy and Tyson; they get their weapons out (Tyson’s handgun, his DEE bat, and Lucy, now regretting using it as a weapon, her spade). A fire came out, but at least one hundred startled clawing.

Still too afraid to fight, Lucy just stood there. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t even hold her spade up right anymore. Things just went dark for Lucy. She couldn’t tell what exactly was going on. She just saw a white light. She wanted to go, but something was off. She thought that the light was pleasant and warm. The problem was, it just felt cold. Nothing special, or compelling her to move forward.