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Part 1

Dairy; June 11, 2015: Life is great :D. All the animals of free of pain and remorse. Mom and Dad are still in a coma. Nothing changed. :/ `Oh well` :D. The farm has been in good conditions for awhile. Well for the farm. I’m not fixing it up. The only thing reminding me of my dad’s handy work. That and the fence out back. My school is still SoOoOoO… boring. My grades are still average. However the field trip next month is still waiting for me, calling for me. I wanna go to the new nature museum. I hate waiting, but the prize… :D.
Lucy closes her dairy with a sigh of relief. Tyson, her best friend pulls up on his brown bike, screaming at the top of his lungs “HEY, LUCY! YOU CHECK THE NEWS!”.
Lucy turns to the window, looking at him. Tyson is quite fit. He has his brown tea shirt, his light brown belt, scratched blue jeans, his deformed left armed still in the same cast like ever. His face was exploding with excitement. “You check it?” he said with some fear in his voice, but still over joyed. Lucy opened the door and cautiously said, “What happened?”.
Tyson, barely being able to speak due to his gitty mood screamed “Turn the TV on and your see. Hey you got any water?” Lucy pointed to a full box of bottled water and turned on her mini and portable TV. She turned to the channel 7 news. The anchor women said “And after that we are going to show you, a video tape of a new discover. We will be right back at ---.” They mini TV’s batteries died out. Lucy, curiously asked Tyson, “What happened? What new discovery? What is going on!” Tyson laughed and said
“They found a new type of disease.”
“How is that good?”
“I don’t know, but I think everything is gonna get better!”
“How does that make any sense?”
“I just have a feeling”
Lucy, knowing Tyson, knows he is probably wrong. His gut feeling he gets him in trouble or worse, HER in trouble. Lucy, with that alarm went off in her head, she was planning to go get supplies. Lucy said cheerfully … and very quickly “I’m … gonna get supplies… Ok?” Tyson replied, “Don’t worry, I brought some with me.” Out of nowhere he pulls out two bags, full of supplies. “I also have some stuff at my bicycle. Hold on” With that Tyson left her run down shack of a house, with another bag. That bag has his favorite baseball bat, with the word DEE in magic marker on it. He had a gun, a medical kit, 5 can food and a piece of paper. Lucy reached over and grabbed it. It said
Steps to avoid green flu
1. Lock all doors and windows
2. Keep inside at all times
3. Report suspicious activity to the CEDA
4. Arm yourself for looters and “Other suspicious characters”
This alarmed Lucy, and made her wonder, if Tyson had seen this, would he still be in his cheery mood. Tyson poked her face, breaking her concentration and train of thought. Tyson went up to her face, knocked lightly on the top of her head and said, “Hello???? Lucy, did you fall asleep, cause if you did, I’m gonna have another bottle of water. Lucy, trying to gather her thoughts, cheerfully said “Drink what you want.”

Tyson began another water bottle from her endless supply and said “If you read the second step, you’ll notice that we gotta keep indoors all the time. So in other worlds we gotta stick together. If you know what I mea---“ Suddenly the mini TV flipped back right on and the same anchor women from before said, in a daze “Some scientists studying the first patient have been bitten by him. Subject green one, has been restricted, and the scientist, appears to attracted the virus. She is being taken out of the perimeter of mercy hospital. Zzt, the TV died out again.

Lucy screamed in terror, what about mercy hospital!?” Tyson who was playing with his Dee bat, said in a clueless voice said “What I didn’t tell you? They found the virus in a new person at mercy hospital. He’s on the fourth floor. They quarantined the floor.” Tyson started grinning and said again “This is gonna be fun. Plus again, I’m staying with you, for awhile.” A creepy awkward silence filled the room. Tyson’s grin died down. Lucy said with a fake smile ”We should go to bed it’s getting late.” She whispered quietly and very angry like “If you think you’re gonna sleep in my bed, you’re gonna die.” Tyson with a bigger fake smile, and his hand scratching the back off his neck replied “Yeah, fine. Where should I sleep?” Lucy pointed next to her twin bed, and laid a sleeping mat at the spot she pointed to, in her room.

Tyson, never seen her room before. He has only seen her living room, bathroom and the outside of her house. She had small toys like dolls, stuffed animals, and some farming equipment, a trowel and a clean spade. They go to sleep in the same clothes, because it would feel too awkward, since both sleep in their underwear, and didn’t have pajamas or night clothes. The night was silent that night.