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Assassin's creed, templar squad part 1

“HALT! By the name of Roma itself, what are you doing here!?, Asked the guard at the gate to Roma.

“We are mere merchant’s employees. We were sent to the farms to buy vegetables for him. Why? Is there a problem?”, Said the caravan leader.

“Mind your own business scum”, The other guard said, with a giant attitude.

“I’m going to break every part of him”, Alexis said under his breath.

The caravan started moving again, Alexis was in the rear, glaring at the guards.  One person at a time entered. First the caravan leader, then some peasants, then the horses, the cargo, some of the guards for the cargo, then Alexis. 

The guards locked eyes with him and signaled him to halt. He obeyed but glared at him, with more fiery hate in his eyes.

“You are clearly new here. You don’t know who controls what. As in, we control you.”

“Wanna die then, against the one who broke the chain.”

The guards unsheathed their swords, against the bare armed Alexis. He grabbed a walking stick, that someone left next to the wall.

The guards swung their swords at him, to which he blocked and kicked one back. He grabbed the one, stuck to his new weapon, and stabbed the other guard, who was trying to get there sword out of his walking stick.

The other one, got up, and called out to every guard in earshot, and some other things.

At least seven more guards arrived, these more look more brutish, more sleek, and more importantly, more deadly.

“SWQUACK”, A large shadow appeared out of now where, and landed on one of the guards.

It jumped back into the shadows., with four of the alive guards follow. Quick noises of pain and a “BAM!” and they stopped moving the plants.

Alexis was distracted by all this, and didn’t notice one of the guards charger him. He barely had enough time to block.

Alexis was struggling against the guard. While looking for a fatal flaw, or weak spot, Alexis got a good long look at the guard. He didn’t look like a guard at all. He was a English looking man, in his mid thirties. He had an faded blue collar shirt on, with a white blouse. His weapon was a spear, but it was much shorter than one. He was clearly of high rank, or an outside force.

The shadow jumped on the other guard, and his screams of pain and terror, distract the one attacking Alexis. He looks back, giving Alexis enough time to swift fully, and very much painfully kick to the groin.

The, now crying, guard cringe. He stepped to steps back, and was laying on the floor in pain. (Alexis had spiked leather boots) Alexis quickly stabbed the guard in the face with his sword.

“To be honest”, Alexis thought to himself, ”That felt good.”

The shadow who helped him, walked near him, but kept to the shadows. It said in a sweet voice, hinting to Alexis that the shadow who helped him was a woman said, “ Are you alright?”

She looked down to the body of his fresh kill. She kicked his dead body, so she could see his face. She closed his eyes, and said, “Requiescat in pace”

“You’re good.  He was my templar target. He killed over fifteen people, because they wanted to keep their families, and not be slaves. The bastard.”

“Ugh, … Thanks ,I guess.”

She looked down, and grabbed his spear. She tossed it to Alexis, and said, “He is your kill. You should claim your reward.”

“Where do I get it?”

“Do you see that tower. Show them your spear, then ask for the reward.”

“Thank you, I shall do that.”

With that, she jumped into the trees, climbed over the three story wall, looked back, and smile a little, Alexis could barely tell that she did.

He looked at the spear. It was two and a half feet long, with the point edged twice. The butt spike was broken off, and the shaft of the blade, was a cross. Not a Vatican cross, but a cross that was completely symmetrical.

Alexis looked up, to a crowd of peasants. Most likely they saw the entire fight.

Suddenly they started cheer, throwing money, flowers, a few weapons too. They were most likely the people the girl talked about.

”Time to collect my reward.”, Alexis said quietly to himself.

He slipped through the crowd to front of the tower. He entered via a door, on the side. It was not what Alexis had expected. It was very regal. From the furniture, to the colors, to the paintings.

Looking around, Alexis moved forward to a counter with a very young female at it.

“Excuse me, may I help you.”

“I killed this guy, and this girl told me to get a reward from here. Said something about him being a templar. Also this…”

He showed her the spear, and then she quickly examine it.

She gasped a little, then said in a quirky voice, “This is real. Here…”

She pulled a sack of florins. It was so big, it probably had over 5000 florins in it.

“Thanks for killing the templar. You can keep the Epieu

Alexis was too busy looking at the bag of coins. “Roma was great!”, Alexis thought.

“It was the first day I set foot in the city, and I has enough for a house, and if I could find more of those “templars”  then I could make a living.”, Alexis thought, attaching his sack of florins to his belt, making his way, looking for a suitable house.

After a thirty minute stroll, Alexis spots something. A 1-story house, very small, that someone’s signaling him to come over. He starts walking towards the old man.

“Young’ in, you look like you’ve been through been though a few fights with that spear of yours.”, The old man said with a worried look on his face.

“It’s no-“ Alexis tried to explain but was interrupted by the old man.

“Look, I won’t lie. Life in Roma is getting bad. I need to sell this house, but there’s one problem. They are some thuggish guards that are using this place to hide. Every time they almost kill me. Take care of them for me, so I can finally leave without the worry of getting caught.”

Alexis nods, and grips the spear.

“Good. Those brutes are over there. They’re four of them by that hay stack.”

Alexis walked around the corner to look, and he gulped. They looked like full knights, with great swords and everything.

“How am I surpassed to beat these brutes.”, Alexis thought.

“Here go’s nothing”, Alexis said quietly. He looks around the corner, which there is nothing there.

He walks up to one of the guards, and stabs their neck with his spear. The others pull out their swords, while Alexis get’s his spear out of the guys neck and thrusts into another, but is parried away.

A squawk like before is heard, but this time it’s much deeper. Right after its heard, a large man pops out of the hay, and grabs a brute with his hammer, and breaks his neck with it.

The other brutes shift their focus to him, who is at an extremely dominate and hostile stance. This gave Alexis enough time to thrust his spear again, without getting smacked off.

Alexis runs up to him, jumps on him, and stabs the back of his head. Suddenly, the other guy, trips the other one that Alexis distracted, and smashes his face in.

Within the darkness the man quickly says, “Nice moves”, and bolts away, and mysteriously disappears.

Alexis was trying to think. “Why was there these mysterious people in Roma. Why were they helping me. Why was there guards shaking down citizens? Where should I spend these florins? So many questions, so little time.”

Alexis set off to the man again. Who greeted him kindly. “Thank you, my boy. I can finally leave this place. Say, you’ve done me a kind favor, let me return it. This house is about ten thousand florins, but for you, I’ll knock it down to five thousand, what do you say?”

Alexis thought, and said, “Sure, my lucks been incredible today, but I’m so tired, and I need a place to sleep. It’s getting dark soon.”

Alexis gave the old man what he owed him, and was given the key and deed to the house, and the old man smiled. He then nodded, and waddle away.

Alexis now had a good long look at the house. It was in horrible condition. The windows were cracked, and had bugs going in and out of it. The wooden door was rotting.

Through a window, there was no furniture.

When Alexis tried to go in, the door was locked, and to his best efforts, wasn’t going to budge with the key. Alexis tried busting open the door, but did not prevail.

Looking at the dead, it was faked. They couldn’t spell villa wrong. The old man put vilia.

“That fucker tricked me”, Alexis almost screamed with rage, if there wasn’t people nearby.

Alexis was now broke, need of a job, money for food, and a place to stay, but it’s sunset. Everyone is leaving, he had killed a couple guards, and needed some food.

“Damn it!”, Alexis mumbled.

Suddenly, a rustling came from a nearby bust. Slight giggling could be heard. Most likely from a child, trying to mess with him.

“Quiet”, something said, out of nowhere.

“Who is out there”, Alexis said, partially hoping that it was those shadows that has been helping him out so much.

Clanks of boots, a marching patrol squad, and muffled cries for help. Sure enough, a squad of guards, fairly taller than everyone else with spears, was dragging a young women.

She was gagged and in tarnished merchant clothes. She had beautiful, but strangely purple hair, covering her face. She looked like a very fine women, except the men, and the dirt that the men cover her in while dragging her.

She was struggling against the guards, but all four of them were too strong to break free of. Why it took for men to hold a woman down, was beyond Alexis.

“What are you doing to this poor women?”, Alexis cried with chivalrous rage.

“This women had killed a high ranked among the templar, and was given permission to hang her from the gallows.”

Alexis didn’t listen to what he said. Alexis was infatuated by her, and he only heard the hanging her part.

“I can’t let you do that”

“You don’t have the right to stop us, and you will be executed if you try.”

“I just got attacked twice by you guys. One of you gave me this, when I took it off his cold dead hands, you really think you can beat me.”

Alexis lifted up the Epieu, revealing the templar cross on it. The guards face’s was filled with disgust, hate, anger, and disbelief.

“He killed a templar!”, a guard yelled.

“Let’s kill this one, and take both their cold lifeless corpses to general Corbulu!”

“Yeah!”, the others screamed with new found blood lust.

They unsheathed their blades, and started moving in, letting go of the lady.

She pulled out a metal fan, and started gnawing at the rope. Alexis pulled his new spear. The laughing persisted, and even grew louder. S

The guards charged him. Alexis had been within battle three times with the guards since he got into Roma, and he was not into a good mood. Rustling in the bush grew in sound, then stopped, meaning someone left it. Someone else appeared over to the building next to it. He jumped on a guard, and killing him, and one of their attention was redirected to him.

Alexis stabbed one in the face, while the other started screaming. He was obviously pounced by another shadow.

The other one is panicked. The drops his sword and tries to run, but is cut down be his previous captive.

“Madonna, are you alright?”, the bigger shadow said, who as with the other ones, stood in the dark.

“Yes, thank you assassin…”, she said with joy, and dignity, “… for you my friend, for helping me.”

“It was nothing. I was attacked already three times…”, Alexis said, with over confidence, then shifted his attention to the shadow,”… but each times, you people helped me out.”

It turned and replied quickly, obviously more interested in something else, “Yes, assassin’s help citizens of Roma, and in fact, almost everyone, but the greedy, but enough of that. Let me see that spear of yours.”

                Alexis handed him the spear, who examined it.

“This is the lieutenant’s templar’s weapon. Apparently they have been getting thin lately, with everyone killing them off.”


“Yes, and may I see your weapon, my lady”

She handed it the fan gently. He examined that one as well. He gave it back just as gently. The other shadow starts running away.

He starts backing up, while sheathing his weapon, most likely an axe.

“I am sorry, but I most cut our conversation short. I want to talk to you later, and I will find you tomorrow, but for now, I must again leave to report in. I would leave the area though. They will be guards you both, so stay low while the heat lowers.

He starts sprinting away into the darkness, leaving Alexis with this lady.

“I don’t have a place to go.”, Alexis said, a little worried.

“Those bastards burned down my house, so we can’t hid there.”

A silent moment of thinking was made. Clanking of metal feet was made once again, signaling Alexis that they really need to get out of there, and fast.

Although rude, Alexis started running, grabbed her hand, gently of course, and said, “More guards are coming, and we need to get out of here.”

They started running, while thinking, slowing both down, but was necessary for their survival. The passed down give streets, passing corners each time, but by then it was night fall.

“Ok, I’m sick of running and fighting today. You think we can hide at that inn.”, The young lady said, pointing to the “Blue moon inn”. Alexis nodded, and they walked in.

The tavern was empty. Probably for many years, based on the condition of the building. It was filled with cob webs, spiders, rats, various overgrown plants, and the like.

“It’s not much, but we could probably get a room, hopefully not filled with this stuff.”, The young lady said, somewhat surprising Alexis.

They located the stairs and went up it. There was two rooms. One across from the other.

Alexis knocks on one door, while the lady does the other.

“Huh?”, someone says, within Alexis’s door says, “Who’s out here?”

“Just some wandering souls. We’ve been attacked, and we wanted to stay the night.”

“Attack? By who?”

“The templars. Both of us was attacked by a lieutenant. We killed them, and no some guards are after us.”

“Hm…. Any enemy of templars are welcomed here. Just go to the room across from mine. You can use that.”

“Thank you!”, she delightedly  said.

Alexis opened the door. The room was a single room, with a hay stack, some pillows, and a large window, covered by some tattered drapes. The room however, is surprisingly clean.

She took off her shoes, and laid on the hay, obviously tired. She was breathing deeply, and was released some of her feeling to Alexis.

“Umm.. Where should I, “cough cough cough cough”, Alexis barely got to say. He was coughing like crazy. He couldn’t stop. His body was pumping adrenalin, but nothing was wrong. Why was he coughing?

Darkness arouse from the corners of his eyes. They were slowly getting bigger until nothing but blackness, … and then nothing.