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Zarla cameo part 5

Hunter walked out of the room with a crome shotgun. She quickly tossed it to David, who caught it with his left hand. He looked at it for a while. Edged in the side of the barrel, marked “DEE”, the same as Tyson’s bat. They’ve been here.

“David, you might wanna check this out.”

David looked at Smoker, who looked confused, but wasn’t going to move. They walked in to the bathroom, as Jockey, and Charger was leaving the other, to talk to Smoker. The bathroom was completely filthy. There was three carcasses, two of which, intestines was on the walls.

On the back wall, marked with blood, said “David, Hopefully you can get this message. We’re at the docks. Come get us. If we’re not there, we’d probably be picked up. Don’t worry if you see more wasted gits. There are a lot of them. Watch out for boomers too. There a lot around here. - Alexis

“Looks like you got friends, or their not talking about you.”

“I know Alexis. He the athhole who got me trapped. But one good thing came out of dis.”

“What’s that? You getting curbed stomp, or almost getting shot by Smoker?”

“Meeting you, … What do you mean almost getting shot? I did wamember, in my shoulder. Unless I’m going completely crazy. What if I’m like thome guy in an inthane athylum, clawing his arms and eyes and stuff.”

“That’s over thinking it a bit.”

“Yeah you’re right, but ALMOST?

“Well, when you fell asleep, you’re arms were all over my stomach, with your face near my chest. I didn’t mind, but Smoker does. In the first five seconds of you doing that, she pulled her gun and was pointing at you. Charger yelled at her to stop, but you are a heavy sleeper.”

David pulled down his hoodie, again, since he was blushing like crazy now.

Hunter said, not noticing David pull his hoodie down, “You were kind a acting like a dog, or a cat. I had this feeling to scratch your hoodie, since it’s a nice hoodie, besides the blood. Now you were moving you head and chest, and moaning a bit.”

“Ok, we’re changing this thubject!”

“Why? Getting embarrassed?”


“Wow, that’s the best you got? Come on, be more manly. ”

“I got curwbed stomp without complaining, I think I’m good.”


Jockey peered in to Their conversation, and said, “We gotta go. Charger waiting on us.”

“Alright, let me keep saying my story to David.”

“Oh, you’re a mean one.”, David  said half smiling, half worried, that he might get “friendly” fire.

The three walked  outside, to Charger checking her ammo, and Smoker leaning against the wall. Charger looks up at David, who has his hood down. She thinks for a second, then signals the rest of the group to follow her.

The group started walking again. Large footsteps was made, hurrying towards them. A medium sized horde, maybe fifty of the common infected was  moving towards them. There wasn’t a particular problem with the obvious, but that boomer from before was crouching in the back row, behind them.

Everyone took out there melee weapons and pistols out. They eye’s was fixed to eliminate everything.

First blood was smoker, who had her bullet, shoot to in one. Jockey shot about seven of the common infected, before they got close. Hunter and David was the closest to them. David alone had the power, to knock them all back with a swing, (Except for the one who got hit, they get decapitated.), now add Hunter. You could imagine the situation.

That boomer, got behind the group before doing the horde.

“BLAARGH!” , the boomer puked on everyone., with a strangely more of a weight. David knew, that most boomer’s vomit, was no trade secret. Most boomers have 25 pounds of fresh meat, at all times. This will attract a horde, and nearby common infected to switch to attack.

“Ugh, I just washed my hoodie!”, Hunter said, not happy.

“Hunter, Focus.”, Charger yelled, louder than the commotion.

A new horde, of easily 500 common infected was swarming them. They had to deal with the more immediate threat first.

Charger smacked the boomer out of the way, while Hunter and David were hacking and slashing. Jockey shot it, and turned back around, to her dismay, another horde came along, combing with the other one. It was at least 1000 now.

“And now, we’re screwed”, David said, with disbelief. “Thith is gonna be fun!”

David swung his axe clockwise, grabbed it with a good grip, and prepared for a powerful horizontal slash. Jockey and Smoker reloaded, while Charger just analyzed the field, while Hunter was preparing to stab them all in the face.

To David and Hunter’s surprise, they swarmed all at the same time. They formed a crescent shaped against them, and swarmed their back, making a circle around them.

“Their getting smart”, Hunter said with a smirk.

Smoker and Jockey started shooting the crowd, but the crowd of the infected seemed endless. Charger rushed in, but the infected was focused Hunter, and David, nothing else. David hacked anything that got near, while Hunter, rushed into them. David thought, for a complete split second that Hunter rushing away, would leave him in a practically hopeless situation.

Hunter was slashing everything that moved towards her in the face. David started to follow, but the infected was closing. He didn’t have much time until he couldn’t attack or defend himself.

“Ugh”, Hunter grunted when she was denied of leaving the circle. She was angry enough that the common that blocked her, got stabbed in the groin.

Soon they were back to back. Hunter had a better weapon, since she didn’t need more room, but David had a fire axe. This needed more room to get a good swing.

“Any ideas”, David said, knowing what Hunter gonna say.

“Just one”, Hunter said thrusting her blade into the throat of what seemed like a droplet within the ocean.

“Nice plan!”

David back-handed the zombies and took his axe vertically in the head. Hunter was now slashing everything in her reach.

“If this keeps happening, we’ll be out of here, in now time.”


A charger, seemingly came out of now where. It wanted to get to us, but there were many common infected in the way, so it’s charged was halted.

Hunter, and David were too focused on the immediate threat, that’s it’s cries went on deaf ears. While Hunter, and David were hacking, and slashing their way out, back to back, the charger was smacking  the infected out of his way, so he could make a charge.

After about five hours, of pure carnage, over 3600 infected laid dead, most of them came at the sound of commotion, but there was too much for them to handle, plus the charger, who is now about  ten feet away from them.

A second shriek was made by the charger, “AAAAAUUURRRRRRRHHH!” , but this time, no infected stunned the ambushing Charger. Hunter turns to the noise, to a charging charger.

It grabs her, bashing David on to his back within the process. “Click!”, something in David’s back cracked a little, but not enough that he wasn’t going to give up. He grabbed a single pistol off of a security guard infected had holstered, and started firing at everything he could sees head.

Hunter was getting bashed into the sand on top of cement, at a one-two beat. Hunter was a tough fighter, and kept on struggling to be let free, but the Charger’s grip was too powerful. It only gripped tighter, with every seemingly useless punch Hunter made.

Charger and Smoker rushed in to help Hunter, leaving Jockey to save David. Charger rushed in and tackled the Charger, without prevail. She then sliced it’s head twice, with a sniper shot from Smoker. Charger helped out Hunter, who hurt her back, and couldn’t get up on her own, while Smoker covered them.

Jockey was bashing the infected out of the way, to help David, who’s been bashed so much the right side of his face is blood ridden. Jockey couldn’t tell if it was His blood, or their blood, either way, she needed to get him out of there.

Jockey was shooting, and punching, and shooting, with covering from everyone else. They were bashing, and slashing, hacking, and dashing, and shooting none the less, until there was only three infected left. One that had its leg amputated , a construction worker, and a guy in a suit. They were quickly dispatched with a sniper bullet from Smoker.

Jockey pulled David up, and Jockey had  tears in her eyes, which completely confused David.

“All these people. They didn’t have the chance.”

“Come on Jockey.”, Charger said, with a zen style face, “We have to keep moving.”

“Yeah ok.”

“Thanks Jockey!”, David whispered in Jockey’s ear.

They group started moving, like nothing ever happened, except for Hunter, who was complaining to Smoker, and David who’s back hurts, but moves like normal anyway.

They made it too a office building, right next to the docks. Someone set it up like a safe room. Everyone entered, except Charger who looked at the sky.

She entered the room and said with a sigh, “It’s getting dark. That battle took way to long. We should rest for eight hours, then at midnight, we should get up at about dawn. We’ll get moving again by then. Any questions? No…? Ok then. I’ll take watch.”

“Mind if I join you?”, David said with a smile.

“You should get some rest. You need it”

“I’ve been through way worse. Every take three tanks down with a axe? Neither have I, but I was close. It was two, and one my teammates killed”

“You should still get some more rest.”


A ominous pause was made, leaving a hint of sorry within the air. It said, “You won’t make it. You will die!”, to at least David.

Smoker starts walking towards the back. She opens up some file cabinet, most likely for some cigarettes, she for some reason is constantly smoking, or maybe some ammo or maybe a lighter, for said cigarettes.

At the last drawer, she smiles. She found something that could entertain her, or any of the said items. She reaches in and grabs a deck of cards.

The deck completely fascinated David. Although he couldn’t see the amount of cards, he could tell that, based on the shape and design, that it was a 55 card-deck, with instructions and jokers, with the corners cut, completely symmetrically.

“Charger, you wanna play black jack?”, Smoker says, walking up towards them.

“No, im busy. Go play with David or Hunter. They look bored.”, Charger says, not even looking at Smoker, and is just focusing at the window.

Smoker looks back at Hunter, who is singing some song, that David never heard before, then back to David who was staring blankly at Smoker, under his hood.

“You wanna play or not?, Smoker said rudely, but didn’t faze David’s now good mood.

“Hell yeah!”, David said loud enough to express himself, but not enough that it couldn’t be heard to far outside the door.

Smoker leaned back, putting her hand behind her to cushion her slow landing, while David jerked forward, then back so he could sit quickly.

Smoker started shuffling the cards, while David was completely zen, focusing on the deck waiting for his lucky card.

Smoker stopped, threw upside down card and a right-side-up card to the both of them. Smokers card was a 5, while David’s was a three. David looked at his hidden card, which was a 5.

Smoker said, “Aces are wild.”, then grabbed a card, looked at it, picked another, then said, “I’m done”

David asked for another card, got a two, asked for another one, which was this time was his lucky card, the ace of spades. David’s poker face was hidden mostly by his hoodie.

Smoker let her cards go, revealing it to be a five, ten, a four, and a ace, which added up to 20.

David looked at her cards, then revealed his, smiling ear to ear. His was a five, a three, a two and his ace, making it to 21.

“Lucky shot. This round, I’m gonna beat you.”

She passed out the cards again. David’s cards were his favorite ace, and hidden was a two, already making that a twelve, or three.

Her face card was a ten. She pick up another card, looked at it, then picked up another,  and scream, “Damn it!”, and flew her cards. There was a ten, an ace, a five, and a jack, making it to what David thought a twenty six, making her lose.

Smoker’s face was getting more annoyed, but even more determined. She flew the cards down, accidently revealing her hidden card to David, who took a mental note that her cards were a five and a six. She flipped on over, and proceeded to give David his cards. It was a ten and a six.

She picked up a card, and yelled again, “Damn it!”, and went back for more.

She swung the cards at David, and within the process, she quickly puts an ace and a nine in her sleeve. David noticed, but wasn’t gonna get shot up again, so he let it slide. The cards hit his face, with no prevail, because of his hoodie. Smoker then switched out her cards, with the one in her sleeve.

“I’m good”, she says, completely changing her mood. David looks at his cards. The top one is a four, and the bottom one is again his lucky card, the ace of spades.

“Hit me”, David says with determination, since luck has been on his side for a while now.

Sure enough. David gets a six, getting him another winning round.

They laid their cards down, and Smoker noticed he beaten her AGAIN.

“Ok that’s it! I know you’re cheating. There’s no way in hell, that you could have beaten me, about five times in a row!”

“How was I cheating? How could I have even cheated? Plus, it’s  a game! What’s the point of cheating?”

Smoker turned around and grunt. For about five seconds everyone stopped they were doing, and looked them, making David uncomfortable Smoker asked quickly, “Wanna go again?”

“Do I ever say no?”

Smoker turns around and they start playing cards again. This little thing repeats for the next hour or so(with some Smoker wins) until Charger says, “Ok that’s enough, go to bed, we’re going to be moving again tomorrow.”

Everyone nodded, and they prepared for bed. Smoker, Hunter and Jockey were going to sleep together, Charger was gonna watch until she falls sleep, and David was going to sleep in the little corner of the room.