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Little update

Obviously I havn't updated in a while. I havn't done anything l4d since the zarla cameo, because obviously it was long as hell (Over 40 pages of ten font) so fanfics I got out of it. I recently got back into some of the stuff, so I'm going to show you two demos.

Ok the first one started as a roleplay with some of my friends, that they were too lazy to do well. Since I was the mod on skype, I edited everything, so everything is my work. It's not partically good, or long, because it's a work in a progress but what ever :/

"It is the first day for the famous magic of Dalaran, located into a whole new arcane dimension. Freshman all around the school look in shock and wonder of the beautiful area they stepped into. The mesh of astonishing shades of purple, violet, and dark sky blue, the cherry blossom trees, chalk full of pure arcane memory. The way the towers watch over the in a majestic awe.
In the middle of the courtyard, there is an enchanted stand where a long line there. At the end of the line is where you get your "Official name". The school has a strange rule against learning the name of fellow students. Instead they are given nick names. Long or short, there is one for everyone name. Many try common names like Dumblore or Gandalf, or thoughts of strange like Pittbull, or Princess. By the end of the day, there is one nick name to every student, without repeating names.
Our story revolves around Audrey, a freshman at Dalaran. She came from a simple life to better herself, for various reason, but little did people realize that she would change the face of the dimension forever. When she registered, she choose the name, "Kali" for her late sister, who died in a raider attack.
Like many nymphs she darted straight for the garden. She saw 5 foot hedges, small creatures everywhere, but not disturbing the other students. She saw multiple trees of various species, and types. Willows, and Oaks, and also Mahogany. Other nymphs were running around, happily playing with bunnies, and doves, and many so more!
She spent a small five minutes in the garden before she heard a large bang, a set of explosions in the dawn, and a loud female voice appeared throughout all the students.
“All students! Please make it to the auditorium, the teachers will signal you where to go. Please make you way to it! You will receive further instructions there!”
Kali sludged out the garden, somewhat sad to leave her new friends, but somewhat exited for the knew lessons she might learn. All entrances was swarmed by people . Everyone trying to enter. Kali wasn't good with people. She never liked crowds, but this is simply berserk. She slowly made her way into the crowd. Small droplets of nervous sweat drops from her forehead. She have never seen so many people before, let alone in the same place. When she entered, she saw faint glimpse of pictures. Many in fact. Some of men of high nobility. Some of women, with long crooked nooses, with a large caldron. Some, of the ancient race of Orcs, with fire emanating from his hands. The waves of people made it hard for her to see however
Although to her distaste, she follow the ever growing crowd. Everyone was funneled into a large room. Seat of red cloth, mahogany bases, with pure arcane, imbedded into the legs and the arms of all the chairs behind the eye can see, or at least that’s what Kali thought.
Everyone seemed to know where they were going. They waited in a large line, one at a time, they left the formation.
The person in front of her had left, taking to the left, until she heard the women’s voice from before. “Please Ms. Audrey, take a seat next to the women in front of you”
She thought to herself for a moment, not expecting what happened, but then simply shrugged, and follow quickly, and quite quietly behind her.
After roughly ten minutes,"

I tried something different, so whatever, more descripitive. Daleran was my inspiration for the scene.

The next one is horrible, zarlas cameo is child play to what I planned, becaus eI'm using so many different styles, trying to change each peice of the story, but incorporating Ernest Hemmingway's style that the story progress's the hero, not the other way around. Obvoisly you don't know whats going on, but it's much larger, with over 10 povs, each focusing around one character, than editing together so it sounds better, which I COULD USE SOME HELP BADLY >.<IT"S TOO BIG BUT I CAN"T SHRINK IT! "Masterpeices are created, when not that you can't add anything, but you can't take anything away.", I can't remember who says this but whatever.

Kaltazar, a Halfling settlement, near the hearth-acke forest. Only the most brave would try to venture near there, which brings the question; Why are there Halflings trying to make a settlement there? Castien was a kind man. He headed there, about a two day march from his location, a inn on the outskirts of a fairly large village.
He grabbed his equipment, a steel enforced, wooden buckler, his clothes on his back, and his supplies. He doesn’t hve gold, as he spent it all drinking his life away, thinking of what has happened recently. The unprovoked roits, the monsters that he can see, the way he hears things that no other can. It was too much for him to take at once.
Castien thought that possibly helping out the settlement would keep his mind off of it, but it lingers. What is happening. He already rented a room, and heads put it.
“Go upstairs, first room on the right.”, the innkeeper said, as she continued writing things down in a book. Most likely a lodger for wages.
Castien makes his way up, the stair creak with each step. Sounds of voices rush through his head. Some warn him, others beg for mercy from him, others just laugh.
Castien tries to ignore them, but it gets into his head to much, as he slowly cracks under his drunken stupor. He kicks his room’s door open, in a rage. It clunks open, slamming against the wall as he enters.
The room is small, rather bland, perfect for a small inn. There is a small bed, very rugged, but seems very sturdy. There is a window, where Castien sees the stars, and a waning gibbous moon. Finally, he sees a large crack in the wall, that the door hit.
He looks outside once more. The stars twinkle, a sign of mixed signs. It meant times would be hard, brutal, and painful, but it will be worth it. Castien looks down, a small caravan just rolled near the inn.
It doesn’t look large, two wagons of supplies, three guards, a large merchant, and a horse.
“Nothing import-, wait.”, Castien said, as something moved in the shadows. It moved with great speed, too great, and with the added affects of the shadows, Castien couldn’t tell what it was.
Something shiny flew, generally slow, but two of the guards go down. The other guard draws his weapon, just as Castien rushes down to help. He hasn’t a weapon, but it isn’t going to stop him.
He jumps down the stairs, three steps at a time, and runs out. People watch as he rushes towards the small exit. He goes out, shield raised, when all he can see is darkness. Nothing else in view. The merchant is gone, the wagons are gone, the animals are gone, the people are gone, the shadow is gone, but there is something shining in the grass.
Castien walks over, and picks it up. It’s a fairly large dagger, not enough to be a short sword, mind, but still large. The hilt has a second blade at the bottom, but much small than the rest of the blade. The wrap around the hilt is soft, and cold. Something to investigate later. The markings are also strange. It has elvish markings. Lines, with curves like wind against a invible tree.
Castien didn’t explore much into his heritage to know everything, but he knows he saw the markings once, but where? I didn’t matter.
Small drizzles drop over Castien as he investigates the blade, too little for him to notice, but then it started raining harder. Castien didn’t care, but than the he felt the wind. It felt like leaf in a wind spell. Sure enough as he looked up, the moon and stars were gone, replaced now with darken skies, covering all but the stars in the horizon.



For those dumb enough to watch me, I'm working on about 4 different, long projects, i doubt i'll get ANYTHING for a long time. Though i don't anyone reads this, i'm just saying just in case.

Zarla cameo part 9

The engines started running. A faint tapping noise, and a much louder clunky noise.
“It’s jammed!”, Oscar screamed out.
“Hunter, Smoker, see if you can do something about it!”, Charger ordered. Both of them rushed inside, as the boomer bursted out bile on everyone on the boat.
“Disgusting”, Maria said quietly to herself, still fighting back the waves of infected.
More infected popped out of seamlessly nowhere. They were in the water, clawing at the boat, and falling from the sky. However, the second is mostly Smoker tongues, grabbing whatever they can, and normally broken, or Hunters who think they’re slick.
A sudden shriek appeared bellow the deck of the boat. Oscar screamed, “Get back!”, and started firing. More gun shots was blazing, but the shrieks got louder, and much more clear. Oscar busted through the door, shooting a pistol at an infected.
Not just any infected, but a warlock. They were the equivalent to the witch, but they could be out ran. This particular warlock was wearing tattered swim shorts, and a boar tusk necklace. All the colors faded from the string holding both together.

Gloria should have known that this could be an issue. Warlocks was as attracted to salt, as witches are for sugar, and since they’re at the ocean, bad things happen.
Oscar danced around the deck, with everyone’s new attention at the warlock.
The warlock knocked back everyone. Alexis almost fell off the boat. Tyson tried to tackle it, but it caught him, lifted him above his head, and threw him out of the way. All while chasing Oscar.
Charger pulled out a auto shot gun, and put the barrel to his mouth. The warlock flung hear to the door, and continued. David swung his axe at its hamstring, crippling it.
The warlock collapsed, and changed targets. It started crawling towards David, but Tyson pulled his shotgun out, and blew it’s brains out.
Oscar rushed back down, and the engines started running again. They boat started running, just as a new wave of zombies appeared, with a tank no less.
The boat was slow, slow enough that most of the common infected got close to being on board, but not the tank. It was drawing ever so closer. The boat sped in up, as did the noise of the boat.
The group didn’t worry though. They would get out in a short time before a new wave of infected arrive.
The boat creates a gap of ten feet between them and the infected.

One by one, the stop firing. There was no point now? Right? Wrong. The tank was going down as easy as the others, jumping into the water and drowning. It started throwing rocks at the boat, when it was at least 50 yards away from it! An incredible feat for even it.
The first rock shook the boat, knocking Charger on one knee. She grabbed onto the rail and picked herself back up. The second rock went flying past them, almost throwing Jockey right off the boat, if she didn’t weave towards the left.
The third rock went flying, right at David’s head. He didn’t have time to react or move. It crashed right on his chest, and part of the rock that broke off on impact, hit him on his face.
He immediately started coughing blood. Things got blurry, incredibly blurry. What was more incredible was that David wasn’t knocked out by shock. He was fully conscious of what was happening.
Gloria panicked and shrieked. She screamed, “Medic, Oscar get your ass over here, David’s hurt.”
David knew he was going to make it. He was a Hunter, and the muscle mass and bone structure was too great for a single tank throw to kill him, or injure him badly. The pain was starting to fade.
“See”, David thought to himself, “I’m gonna be fine.”

The door was kicked open, and Oscar ran out that doctors bag he always kept with him. He pull out a stethoscope, and put it on David’s sternum.
Oscar looked worried. He then started putting constant pressure on him. David couldn’t feel it. He assumed he was numb, and something’s wrong with his heart.
David waited quietly, as Oscar was pumping.
Oscar had a grimace on his bloody and scared face. He pulled out a pair of defibrillators. What did he need that for? I’m alive an- … Shit.”
David got up and looked back. There he was, the dead on the floor.
His chest was caved in, and his head was bleeding profusely. With everyone looking around him. Jockey and Gloria was tearing up. Gloria was more so. Charger had a face like before. Death was obviously an acquaintance of her. Jockey had a crazed smile on her. Keith had true fear in his eyes. The first time he has ever truly seen it. Everyone else was in shock.
Oscar stopped trying. He shook his head, and punched the floor, his face all read, and with smoke appearing out of his angry mouth.
David didn’t feel sorry that he left this world, he didn’t feel mad that he went down so easily. He didn’t even feel the regret of never doing anything in his life. What he did feel was relief. He was finally free of the shackles of this ugly yet beautiful world.
Everyone went below deck, with David’s body slumped over Tyson’s shoulder.
Gloria, was crying nonstop, with Maria and Jockey trying to comfort her. Jockey somehow made her smile.
Oscar was trying not to strangle someone in a corner. He was talking to himself. He said, “How could I let this happen. I’m a E.R. surgeon, I saved people in worse cases, but how did he did. I had the right tools, I had the help, and he’s stronger and has more endurance then everyone else.”
Tyson was talking to Charger, while changing course of the boat. Keith joined in, but was ultimately saddened even more.
Smoker was trying to cheer up Hunter. Her eyes spoke a tale of repeating winds. She felt this sorrow before, but there was nothing he could do at this point.
Alexis had a serious face on, but he was talking to Lucy. She wasn’t exactly balling her eyes out but she was getting there.
The boat stopped moving. Everyone grabbed David’s body, and headed out.
They landed on a small island in the middle of know where. The place was very swamp like, but surrounded by ocean.
The was a single willow tree, with a two cat tails growing nearby. Tyson let David’s body sit upright against the tree, while everyone was digging.
They dug a shallow grave, not wasting to much time digging it, maybe three feet under.
They laid David’s body in the grave, and Tyson asked, “Does anyone like to say something?”
Just then, David saw a large bright light, with the feelings of warmth and welcoming. He could see his long dead parents, all his long forgotten friends, and even his rival from years back, all welcoming him.
He knew what this was, it was paradise, away from hell on earth.

Zarla cameo part 8

“Good, I’ll get everyone ready.

Keith got Jockey to stop talking right before David went outside. Jockey came out holding Keith’s hand, but they separated to sides. Both groups had a different way to handle situations. Charger’s group was much more controlled, and planned, while David’s group was MUCH more chaotic, each person doing their own thing, trying different strategies.

This was going to a problem, since they have less of a group to tame the madness. David, Keith, Tyson, and Alexis was always on the front lines, causing confusion, and driving away zombies from the snipers. Mostly Oscar, but Gloria, and Maria had good eyes to see who they attracted.

Charger’s group huddled more together, and spread out more when a tank arrived. In theory, and practice this is a good plan, but it doesn’t fit those who can destroy without guns.

Which brings another problem, David’s group is used to go infected on big things, and being able to take down several tanks, without too much help. If they do, they’d get shot down, and acused later.

Everyone followed Charger. They where heading to a particular bigger boat then most of these, but not the size of a yacht. It had a roof with fencing on it. The platform was one foot off of the docks, but had a chain link from the boat going adrift. There wasn’t any other boats near it, making only special infected a problem.

Smoker, and Jockey took to the top, most likely going to snipe, and give cover fire. Hunter, David, and Tyson was at the edge of the boat, facing the docks, going to keep the infected at bay. Charger, Alexis, and Keith were right behind them, constantly checking for leaks of infected.

The sounds of moans, and screeches, and the harsh new rain and thunder from outside, was immense. It was hurting David’s sensitive ears badly. Everyone was to focused at the task at hand, to even notice. That includes David himself.

Suddenly a silence filled the air. This only happened when something big was going to happen. A giant flash of lightning shot down on a boat, set adrift nearby. It burned to a crisped. It cargo, drums of oil, started boring out of it. When the burning wood touched the oil, it ignited everything.

Most of the shops on the docks were made out of wood! Including the one they’re on. You didn’t need to tell them to get off a soon-to-be inferno. Everyone leaped off, and that was when the noises came back again. They knew they were vulnerable, and they weren’t going to wait.

First sight, and first blood. Smoker saw one, getting his claws out to attack. One pot-shot, and it went down. The others were more agile. The busted through the windows, and was closing in. Among them, David noticed, was a Smoker, and two Hunters, all muffled from the cries of the other infected.

Each one of  the common infected are in curving rows. Each had at least three dozen infected each. They are swarming them in a flower pattern, making them harder to hit.

Everyone is firing at head length. Each bullet took from one to three infected down. It wasn’t enough to get out, unscratched. 

A few dozen was in melee range of Tyson, and Hunter. They started swinging at them with all there might. But between the sheer numbers of the infected, and Tyson being lopsided, they were drawing closer to the water..

“Shlkt!”, a Smoker shot at Keith, passing the lines of infected. It started dragging him off.

Keith naturally screamed for help. Tyson immediately charged in that direction, leaving a side swarming in. David rushed to fill in the void, and it was almost to later.

Smoker readjusted her sights to the Smoker pulling Keith. A full round was blocked by the common infected, but her next shot hit it. “Bulls-eye”, she quietly said to herself, as she readjusted once again.

It didn’t keep Keith from being attacked. After the Smoker was killed, a Hunter leaped out on Keith! Tyson barely had enough time to get him off, but the infected was swarming them both. It wasn’t going to take long for them to be slaughtered, even if they went infected on them.

Plus to add to the confusion, a Hunter leaped at Jockey. It bounced over the walls, and past Hunter and David who were both to busy dealing with the crowd to notice it zip by. It pounced, but Jockey noticed it in the nick of time. She weaved towards the left, but it kept going and landed on Smoker, an equally valuable prey.

Alexis, and Charger started shooting at the crowd surrounding Tyson and Keith. Jockey started kicking the Hunter, but it was resilient. It wouldn’t get off. She finally got sick of it, and shot it, and helped Smoker up.

David started pressing towards Tyson, and Keith, drawing a lot of attention, and a lot more blood. He swung his axe in all styles, from horizontal, to vertical, to simply stabbing a single target with the butt-spike on the axe.

David kept pushing, while the other gave cover fires. He sliced and diced, hacked and slashed, but he couldn’t get inside the crowd. There was too many.’

A loud crash of glass was heard. Seemed like reinforcements for the infected to replenish the ranks of the infected. They jumped down, and landed with amazing speed, and shook the earth beneath David’s feet. It was a tank, beaten, battered, and with two pipes in it. Probably fought a haggard for food around here.

It smacked everything out of its way. It smacked at least half a dozen with two fingers, and another three more with it’s back.

Hunter threw her molotov at it, but it missed, and hit the crowd nearby,, the horrible smell of burning, yet rotting flesh everywhere.

The tank was killing most of the ranks of the infected, which was a lot. Soon, everyone had their guns out, focusing on the steroid addict beast. Round after round, it wouldn’t go down, and closed in on Tyson, and Keith.

The tank hit Tyson and Keith into two directions. Keith’s ankle was twisted, and he couldn’t walk. He pulled out a pistol, and started loading lead into the infected. Tyson landed on David, knocking both back to the edge of the burning water.

David, landed near it, but not in the water. He got up, and pulled Tyson up. Tyson then, rushed out towards Keith.

“Didn’t learn the first time huh?”, David yelled, joking around.

Alexis, and David rushed the Tank to distract it from everyone. Alexis weaved towards the left, while David, to the right.

It only confused it for a few seconds. It grabbed both of them, and threw them like a rock. They landed nearby Tyson, and Keith, but on their feet. They wanted blood.

They rushed, guns a-blazing, , and it only got it made. It grabbed a slab of concrete, and threw it at David. Hit him directly in the lower rib cage. It broke to ribs, and bother was stabbing his innards, but that was nothing compared to the things he was going to do with him, and his axe.

Alexis latched on from its back, stabbing it with a new machete, he found when David was separated. David rushed in, but he was starting to hurt. He was accidentally shot by Jockey in the shoulder, but it didn’t even slow him.

He kept going at slow for him, but amazing speeds for a survivor, with his axe in hand. He stopped two feet on the tank, and swung all of the momentum at it’s almost useless legs.

It chopped both of them off, making balance an issue. Alexis, and David rushed towards Keith to protect them from straggling common infected. They got him up, and went back to the spot they were camping.

More infected came out, this time in random and chaotic patterns. Much more stupid then the last round.

Everyone loaded all their bullets. One at a time, everyone screamed, “I’m out of bullets”, an d switched to a different weapon. Those who had melee weapons stood in the front with Hunter, keeping everyone at bay. Those who had pistols stood in the back, barely able to hit anything besides their teammates.

Suddenly, a barrage of death appeared at the opposite side of the docks. Gloria, Maria, and Lucy was shooting everything, drawing a lot of attention from the rear of the horde.

A tank, jumped out of know where, with a jockey, directly above Charger’s group. They landed, and scattered the. Around. Every shifted focus on to the tank, but David, and Tyson, who was knocking back the rest of the horde.

For a few moments, everyone forgot about the Jockey. It leaped onto David’s neck, and started clawing at him. It was pulling towards the tank, and the infected started swarming on to his side.

The tank started punching anything that got close to it, which was everyone. First Hunter was sent flying, the Alexis, then Charger, and finally Keith followed. They were being sent, half way to the boat.

They ran to it, grabbing what they can shoot, or throw at the infected, while getting on the boat.

The rest of them had a tank, and a jockey on David. The jockey was luring him to the burning waters behind him. Not a good thing to jump into.

Tyson got a brilliant idea. He smacked the tank twice with his bat. It enraged him, and tried to sing at him. With the Jockey moving the way it was, the Tank sucker punched it, and David, near the boat.

The jockey was rained down on, while David was getting up. He started hacking and slashing at the infected to get to the Tank.

“Tick, tick, tick …”, was what David heard coming closer.  David shot backwards, to which a pipe bomb nailed on infected in the face. He kept weaving backwards, until the pipe bomb blasted a hole in their numbers.

David rushed forward, only to find their ranks refilled. There isn’t any way he could get to them.

Tyson was sent flying, and landed on top of David. David pulled something, and was incapacitated. Tyson before the tank came for round two.

He smacked Tyson on top of the boat, while David jumped on the Tanks back. The tank ignored him in a blind rage, and proceeded to follow Tyson.

David was swinging at the tanks heart, to stop blood from pumping to his heart, but the tanks general shaky, and jerky movement made him miss. Smoker shoot it three times in the head, and it finally goes down. The infected stopped filling in their ranks, a perfect time to escape. Between everyone, the infected didn’t stand a chance.

They were scythe’d down by bullets, and with David axe. Eventually a passage was made, and the survivors took the opportunity. They rushed through, and on to the boat.

The infected managed to bust through there moment of ill fortune, with not just one, but two tanks rushing at them. They had a company of a Charger, and a boomer. The Charger rushed through the infected, but was shot down before it reached the boat, but a second later and someone was going to die.

Gloria shouted, “Oscar, get the boat running!”

Zarla cameo part 7

OH GAWD! I forgot to post after I came back from haitus of left 4 dead things. For the people who watch my stuff, i thank you for your paitence. I'll post this to respectawomen, and/or devart shortly after i'm finished.

David sank out of site of the infected. David gasped for air, rubbing at his neck, understandably of course while the other shot at it. He heard the boomer explode, and the smoker, whatever that gasping of air, explosion combo, it did that. The hunter is still out there though. Growling as ever. Snarls and more growls and the constant yelling of nonsense was coming closer. Most likely a quite large horde since everyone was covered in boomer bile.

“Are you alright?”, Hunter said, extending her hand.

“I’m fine, but It seems I have the worst of luck with you four”, David said smiling, while holding at the side Charger rammed.

The common infected tried to ram the door open, but like always, the door is to strong. Like most infected, they try to get in, but fail at even grabbing them.

Smoker, being so tall, is the only one who can get a clear view of the overhead numbers.

She checked, and briefly said, “There’s at least one hundred of them.”

Charger seemed shocked, but hid it quickly. She said, just as brief as Smoker, “Something is making them more aggressive and much more plenty in numbers.”

Everyone thought to themselves, and after being in this hell for so long, it became easy past the moans and screeches.

David faintly remembers what happened after him and Gloria picked up Tyson, Keith and Lucy. When they were surviving that brief time alone, they would only encounter maybe fifteen a day, and a hunter. After they picked them up, things became more erotic and aggressive. After another moment of thinking, he simply decided to suggest it.

“Not sure if this is going to help me or my friends cases, but ever since we  picked up four, things have been going to hell. There are eight people in my group, including me. Plus there is you four, so twelve in total. If four people, and all hell breaks loose, what about all of us.”

“Interesting theory”, Charger said, obviously not happy with the blunted truth.

Hunter broke the silence but cheerfully yelling, “Well, there’s no point of staying here. We have to clear these suckers and leave”

Everyone nodded and grabbed their weapons. They sliced and diced every one. They took there time but the task was complete. Everyone couldn’t tell the time though. They was too much storm clouds in the sky. A very bad omen, since they are going to escape by sea.

“Remember, We didn’t killed that hunter from before”, Jockey said. David was surprised that she even remembered.

They opened the door, expecting the worse, but nothing. They couldn’t hear anything. David couldn’t find anything either. It wasn’t strange, since five on one gave bad percentages.

Neither the less, the group moved on.

The dock gates, was all jammed with wrecked boats and a mutilated tank. There was a ladder leading to the roof, but it was rusty, and broken from all the ocean air.

“We could try those ladders”, David said, looking up.

“We don’t have any choices in the matter”, Charger said, reluctantly.

Hunter and David climbed up the ladders first. Then Smoker, followed by Jockey and Charger

The docks was much more big then David had even realized. After a while of constantly moving, they had reached the broken, brittle, and unnoticed by David, jagged and sharp pieced of the ladder.

“Watch yourselves guys, this part’s rickety, and try not to grab on the ladder too tight”, Hunter said, almost neutrally.

David understood what she said, but didn’t comprehend it until after he gripped the hand rail, and go stabbed by bent up shards.

“Ow, FUCK!”, he blurted out.

“I told you to be careful, didn’t I”, Hunter said, obviously grinning

“Listen to the all knowing Hunter, got it.”

Up again they went, this time with David being careful of what to grab. Once they made it to the top of the stair case though. Each one of them stopped on instinct. Hunter looked at the roof, and ducked down.

“There’s that hunter, it can send all of us flying to the ground.”, Hunter said genially worried.

“Think you can get a good shot?”, Charger whispered.

“No, I’m surprised it didn’t see me”

“Any ideas?”

“Hunter do you think we can trade places”

“Sure, but what are you thinking of doing”

“I’m gonna check it out myself”

David swung to the left of the ladder, holding on with one hand. Hunter climbed down carefully, making sure not to bump into Smoker. Smoker seemed generally scared.

“Remember Smoker, don’t look down”, Hunter said, joking with a sly grin.

“I’m not falling for that, you evil pest”, Smoker said, worried about her life.

David looked at the Hunter now. It was a fairly thin hunter. His hoodie was torn, showing off bits of his rotting flesh. The smell was horrible, but it wasn’t as bad after you get used to it. It was turned around, chewing on particularly good looking femur. 

David had three scenarios running in his mind. If he pounced the Hunter, Ironically yes but necessary, then his incognito status in the group would have been blown. If he shot at it, he might fall backwards, since shot guns, have too much recoil for David’s liking. The last scenario was a mix of the two first one.

David would silently climb up on the stairs, and smack it with the back of his axe. Then go, “THIS IS SPARTA”, on him, sending him off the building.

“Whatever, I can’t think of anything else.

David crept up the ladder, completely zen. He unsheathed his axe from his back, and aim for the poor hunter’s temple. He swung at it, very silently, but it caught on. It weaved towards the left, and turned quickly, with a clawing to the face. Hunter, and Smoker rushed up the ladder, with jockey and Charger close behind.

The hunter was ready to pounce, but at this stage, it became instinct to punch him before he landed. It leaped towards him, but David gave a hay maker to it’s face. He pushed it towards the edge a few times. He got out Tyson’s shotgun, and blasted a giant hole in his chest, knocking it’s corpse off the building and flying.

“Brutal”, Hunter said, while everyone was looking down at it.

“Come on, the sooner we get out of here, the better”, Smoker said, unhappy of the joke Hunter made.

Around them was  a broken glass sky light, a few pipes that lead to a gutter system, and inside, and a door, most likely leader to stairs. David walked towards the skylight, and, with his hunter abilities, looked down to some boats, and a drowning common infected.

The group makes it to the industrial ship yard. Four cargo ships are docked, and several others swimming at sea.

“Alright, David, Hunter, Jockey, go check those ships for anything we can use. Smoker, help me look for a radio.” Everyone nods and go off. Charger and Smoker go to the west, while Hunter, Jockey and David head to the most eastern ship. The ship has four crates, by two crate bundles.

“Jockey, can you use your crow bar on some of these crates, while I go check the lower levels.” David said surprisingly serious

“Mind if I come with?” Hunter says with a smile.

“Why not” David said, calmly.  They make their way to the door to the superstructure.  They notice that there is a padlock and a chain around the door knob and a pipe extending outside. David leans forward examining the padlock. Pokes at it with his bare hand, and looks at the chain. “The chain is rusty” David exclaims. “We could use this to our advantage”.

“Alright, want me to break it?”

“Go ahead” David reassuringly says. David gives her his axe, and backs off. Hunter winds up for the swing, she backs up, and makes a jerky step towards the chain. She swings her axe at it, and connects. Unfortunately the chain isn’t even scratched.

“Looks like the chain is steel, but the rust must be new. Let me try to pick the lock. You got a bobby pin, and a screwdriver?” David says with a natural leader tone. Hunter just shakes her head no, and thinks for a moment.

“We could ram the door down.”

“Sure, what’s the worst that could possibly happen?”

“You miss and, off the boat, and in the ocean.”

“Yes, but do you honestly believe I’m stupid?”

A silent pause was made, until David interrupted it by saying, “Don’t answer that question.”

Suddenly laughter broke loose like wild fire. It was much more high pitched than a normal one. It was familiar. When David realized this, a wide grin appeared on his face. Based on Hunter’s reaction, she felt weirded out by this. David dulled down his face, and softly knocked on the door.

Hunter turned her head in complete and utter confusion. She would have asked why did he do that, but she was cut off before she gained breathe by a voice. It was badly feminine, soft, and muffled by the laughter. “Who IS it?”, it was , with David knew who was it.

“It’s justice, you killed a bug, and I’m here to beat your ass to submission”

“Guys, its David!”, Tyson yelled, still in his weird voice.

The laughter stopped, with Keith blurting out, very bluntly, “But you said he’s dead”

“Thanks you asshole, let me in”, David said, grinning.

“I’m gonna tell Charger we found more survivors”, Hunter said, jogging in place. She ran off to the direction of Jockey, and they starting running together.

The door opened, revealing so many metal pins, locks and chains, barring the door. Alexis was injured, with a bullet would at his foot, and a large bruise on his cheek. Keith had slash marks on his neck, but no blood was leaking. Tyson had blood over his mouth.

“Hopefully that blood’s his”, David thought to himself.

Compared to them, David took the most pain.

“God, what happened to you?”, Alexis said, checking out all the new scars, and lacerations on his body. If he wasn’t a semi-cured Hunter, that would have easily killed him.

“What happened to your face? It looks so ugly now, or was it like that before?”

“Now you’re cracking”

Small chuckle broke out between the four. Looking around, there’s a combat rifle, and an “infinite bullet pot” next to it. David grabbed and check ammo. He picked up as much clips of ammo he could carry, without them all falling out.

“Alexis found that just for you”, Keith said, cackleling out of the sides of his mouth.

David chuckled a little bit. His face died down, and the mood got serious.

”What happened when I got separated?”

“We ran into hell. More and more infected popped up. I got scratched but a Hunter. There was big waves of hordes, and we had to get away fast. We went infected and used tall buildings to our advantages. When we passed a field, everyone latched on to me, and I charged until I hit a shed. Alexis left you a message. We entered hear through the roof, but Alexis fell through a skylight. When we got to him, he faced planted on a cinderblock.”

“That gotta suck, but I’ve found us a group that can help us for the time being. That means no showing signs of the infection, got it? Keith that means you.”

“What did I do?”, Keith blurted out, angrily.

“You laugh like an idiot, who took laughing gas, and watching Tyson try to lie”

“Hey!”, Tyson said, with a rival grin on him.

“Is the terms of the contract agreed? We don’t die if you don’t provoke them”

“Yeah”, everyone said, in a quiet voice.

Everyone was checking ammo , and weapons for imperfections of the guns, or cracks in the bullets, of dull areas of the blade. Nothing, on any of them.

Suddenly, something caught all of their ears. Smoker, and Hunter was coming closer to there, and by the tone of Smoker’s voice, she was pissed. She seemed like she was about to punch one of their faces. She was screaming about, “That bitch of the fucking radio.” Didn’t look like she was going to stop ranting.

Hunter, on the other hand, was trying to calm her down, by saying things like, “It’s just another survivor, and probably stressed, just like us”, or “Don’t think about it, she’s just trying to find her brother.”

Smoker charged right passed the ship, but Hunter decided to check in.

Hunter said, “Charger wants to see you guys.”, She takes one long glance at Tyson abd blurts out, “Holy shit!”

“What?”, Tyson said, somewhat shy and awkwardly.

“What happened to your arm?”

“Birth defect, but even that can bring me down”, Tyson said smiling.

It got Hunter to smile to, but she quickly darted off to catch up with Smoker. David smiled too, but thought off where they were, and he had no clue.

He rushed outside, and yelled out, “Where are they!?”

Hunter came back, with Smoker, who was still particularly pissed off, but her stance was less aggressive.

“We’ll show you, right Smoker”, Hunter said, nudging Smoker’s side. Smoker grunting in agreement, and started walking.

“I’ll leave you behind if you don’t keep moving”, Smoker said, lighting a cigarette with Hunter’s new molotov cocktail.

David’s group started walking, with Smoker, and Hunter. Hunter was fondling with her hair, looking off in the general direction of Smoker. Smoker was still muttering something about “the bitch on the radio”, while Keith was grinning, once again, like an idiot. Alexis had his hands behind his head, while humming “the saints will never come”, and Tyson was counting on his hand. From what David noticed, he was up to three.

The passed five ships before heading to a small office. The room was cluttered with bodies, and the smell was worse than boomer bile, being roasted. There was a small radio, with Charger listening, and speaking back. Jockey talking to herself in the corner. Instinctively, Keith ran up to her to see what’s wrong.

Charger turned her head, and looked at the group. Her stance was doubtful, but there was no way she could turn us down.

“Miss, we have eight people that needs saving. Can you just  get us out, then you could look for your brother”

A silent pause was made, with Charger listening to the radio with a head set.

“Look, try talking to one of my people, see if you can understand”

Charger signaled David to try. She gave him the head set, and she walked to talk with Alexis, and Tyson.

“Hello?”, David said, not knowing what to expect.

“Hel--, David is that you?”


“Thank God, I was hoping you weren't dead”

“Although that’s a kind gesture, you would ditch these people? Just for me? Aren’t you a hard ass today.”

“Shut up.”

“Everyone is relatively fine, but I got mobbed a few times by a couple hordes, a tank, and a haggard.”

“Haggard, I thought that was a bull-shit myth”

“No, those papers were true. They exist, and their little fuckers”

“Give me your location, and Ill head over there. We have a boat”

“When did you get a boat?”

“Let’s just say, there was one nearby we didn’t notice”

“Oh what the fuck? You hijacked a boat?”

“I wouldn’t have, if that asshole wasn’t being such a dick”

“Ok, I’m at the docks, try to save our asses ok?

“I’ll be there in minutes”

David took off the head set, and walked outside, gun in hand.

“My sisters heading over here now.”

Cameo timeline (so far)

Since Some of you are probably confused on the order of things so far, here is what it is :D

I'm currently working on it. I'll update it periodically. Heres what I have so far.

Part 1: http://bloodystone2.livejournal.com/5270.html

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Part 8: http://bloodystone2.livejournal.com/13491.html

Part 9: http://bloodystone2.livejournal.com/13786.html

And sorry for this to finish, I know Zarla said I was making a fic, but I never got it done then.

Comment, I COMMAND YOU >:[

Tell me if theres any problems with it. Don't be shy. And yes this is canon in my story.

Zarla cameo part 6

Smoker turned around and grunt. For about five seconds everyone stopped they were doing, and looked them, making David uncomfortable Smoker asked quickly, “Wanna go again?”

“Do I ever say no?”

Smoker turns around and they start playing cards again. This little thing repeats for the next hour or so(with some Smoker wins) until Charger says, “Ok that’s enough, go to bed, we’re going to be moving again tomorrow.”

Everyone nodded, and they prepared for bed. Smoker, Hunter and Jockey were going to sleep together, Charger was gonna watch until she falls sleep, and David was going to sleep in the little corner of the room that was next to the safe room door with Charger, incase they needed to move quickly, he could take most of the beating, even though so far he did just that.

“David, what are you doing?”, Hunter said, with a compassionate yet small smile on her face.

“Sleeping in the corner “, he replied oblivious to everything else.


“So you can’t tease me anymore, and if you come over here, I’m moving again. Being cold for a night will be worth it”, David said, half hearty, half joking.

Hunter shrugged and laid next to Smoker and Jockey. David curled up into a ball at the corner, knowing that we would be cold that night, as he is every night, while Charger did not even move. She was like a rock against the sand, dominate and strong, with a touch of chivalry.

David looked back at Jockey, Hunter, and Smoker who had three layers of blankets on top of them.

“Where did you get THAT!?”, David said completely oblivious and confused.

“It was in a pile at the corner. If you want you have to come over here”, Hunter said mischievously and obviously trying to goad David into joining there warm grouping, but David’s will was strong when he is awake. He shook his head.

He went into his ball shape at the corner, shivering a little. Not enough that anyone could see or hear him, except charger, who was five feet away.

She glanced over, David, instinctively stopped shivering, unto which Charger looked at the door window. To this, David looked up, back the door. It looked like any other safe room door. Something different about it. The smell was off. It reeked of fish guts and pelicans, but something else. It was less metallic smelling, and somewhat had a saw dust smell.

Sensing past the actual door, the humidity got much worse. David know knows a storm is going to be happening, one very similar to hurricane Katrina, or hurricane Ivan storming him with it’s tail. Yes, these were the storms David like. The only type of storm he knew.

Although the infection was giving him more hunter like qualities, David doesn’t seem to be at the stage that the cat quality of thunder freaking him out. He would obviously wake up to this, but wouldn’t give too much thought to it.

The temperature was getting colder. More cold than normal. Roughly 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

David starting shivering once again, more noticeable than before. Charger glanced for the last time, but David was to cold to even notice she moved her head towards him.

“Are you alright?”, Charger said, not really paying attention.

“Yeah, I’m fine. A touch of cold won’t kkk-kill me. Aw c-crap.”, David said, now a bit frustrated, since he jaw recently healed, he’s back to having a speech impediment.

Hunter got up, with Jockey and walked ever so silently across the room.

“Are sure your alright?”, Charger reinforcing her previous statement.

David nodded, still shivering, and was getting worse by the second.

Hunter and Jockey, for some strange reason started poking at him.

“What do you want?”, David said, somewhat worried they’d accidently stab him with their nails.

“Turn around”, they said, poking profusely.

Still shivering, David turned towards them and Charger, eyes locked at the door, to Hunter and Jockey. They grabbed his shoulders and tried to pull him. Being an infected, is muscles grew in mass, resulting in his weight increasing tenfold. They started jerking and tugging at him, but he couldn’t be moved.

“God how much do you weigh? Two people can’t even get you to move!”, Hunter said jokingly, pulling at him.

Jockey and Hunter stopped, panting like crazy. They tried to much and were more exhausted then needed.

“You’re heavier then my friends horse Bessie.”, Jockey said, smiling.

“Just go back to your little area, I’ll be fine this nice little corner. I wouldn’t want to insult it. Right Mr. Corner.”, David said shivering, waited three seconds and said jokingly, “Oh god, I’m turning into Keith! No!”

Charger got up to where everyone else was going to sleep, and checked out the drawers. The seventh cabinet drawer she looked into, she grabbed a small quilt, probably used for children. She walked towards David, and roughly put it on top of him.

“Huh?”, David said stupidly. “Ugh … Th-Thanks Charger”,, he said, with his shivering dieing down.

She didn’t say anything, and went back to watching the door.  Hunter and Jockey after they stopped panting, went over to Smoker, and laid down cuddling next  to her.

David was still cold, but was MUCH better than before. He thought to himself of what his comrades were doing. What were the causalities, and how should he get revenge on Alexis. Albeit it wasn’t going to bad, since David met a awesome new group of survivors. Finally, would he die. Is  he not going to succeed in not only saving himself and his group, but also Charger’s group. However, this was not the time for revelations and epiphanies, but a time of clouded thoughts reestablishing themselves into David’s brain. With that David’s eye lids started fluttering. He got really heavy, and his cold body, seemed meaningless at that moment, and stopped feeling cold.


Swift, and blunt pain shook David’s body. He felt like someone bitch-slapped him with a sledge hammer. His ears started to listen. First it was numbed, then muffled, then clear.

David could make out something in mid sentence, hunter saying, “-p, she landed on David!”

Smoker responded, “Ugh, he’s getting up. Think that’ll be a problem later?”

“Naw, he’s cool”

 David started to slowly open his useless eye sockets. Sudden sharp pains entered his leg. Something was twisting it the wrong way. He started sheepish-fully groaning, enough to find out what was on top of him with the only benefit he got in the infection. A sleeping Charger was on top of his leg, with Hunter and Smoker trying to lift her off. They were obviously too tired to lift her up.

He pulled his leg from under Charger, who was strangely sleeping like a baby. When he got his foot from under her, she hit her head, groaned and went back sleeping.

“Sorry David”, Hunter said, confirming she is tired, but she was sincere.

David turned around to Smoker and Hunter, grunting at lifting Charger up. They could only get her off the ground for five seconds and barely at that

“Do you need help?”, David said, just as tired.

“We’re too tired from that horde from yesterday, so yeah”, Hunter said, sleepishly smiling.

David grunted, and walked over. He put his arm under her neck, and the other around her lower back and lifted er up. He slung her over her shoulder, to Smoker and Hunter’s bewilderment, and walked over to where Jockey was sleeping.

“Should I put her here?”, David asked, with a small dose of adrenaline rushing to his heart

“Ugh, …. Sure, but how did you do that?”

“I’m strong, like almost everyone else in my group.”

“Oh, that’s pretty amazing.”

David smiled, and put Charger down next to Jockey who was biting her thumb with her canine teeth.  Hunter slowly walked towards where they were sleeping. Smoker was looking outside. She had the aura of annoyance. David didn’t need to see that.

“Damn it! It’s dawn. We’re still tired for moving again.”, Smoker said loud but soft enough that she wouldn’t wake everyone else up.

David thought for a moment to himself. He realized that there wasn’t any way out of guard duty until Charger got back up.

“I’ll watch the door, just go back to sleep.”, Smoker’s face dropped to curiosity.

“Huh?”, she said with a jolt of surprise in her voice. David just pointed at the other side of the room, with Hunter now sound asleep. Smoker nodded silently, and walked over and laid down next to hunter.

David grabbed his axe and gripped it tight until his hands was bloody from his little adventures with it. He sat in the corner where he slept. He felt something soft and furry on a hole in the back of his leg. It was the blanket Charger gave to him.

David wiped the blood from his hands on his pants and grabbed it. He could hear Charger quivering and her teeth chattering. She was obviously cold. He rubbed the blanket against his face, and walked to Charger. He put the blanket over here, and with the blanket big enough, it covered Jockey too.

He walked over to the door again, and sat down. He couldn’t hear anything outside. The smells of the world was lavender, rotting flesh and fresh common infected. However, it doesn’t seems bad.

There isn’t enough infected to attract a tank, and David couldn’t pick up on pheromones. So far it was safe. He lowered his axe and started to feel heavy. His eyes were shutting, and he was leaning back against the wall.

After twenty minutes of rest, David woke with a silent gasp. A very bad omen was set upon him, falling asleep on guard duty.

It took awhile for his sense of smell too kick in, but it came with a bang. The smells of a boomer, and a smoker passed though the wind. They were only around the corner. They was going to strike soon, as they were both crouched and against the wall.

A rustling of grass on the other side was heard, drowning out the muffled sounds of the boomer and smoker. The wind was blowing in the wrong direction for him to pick up anything, and making noises would attract their attention, in case they didn’t know.

Smoker, Hunter and Charger started groaning, as they were waking up. A hunter was growling now. It was much deeper than most hunters, probably new, with his voice not high pitched.

David turned around, just on reaction, and scanned the wall. They weren’t any cracks or scratches on it. Safe, for David.

He turned around, to a smoker, in hockey attire, with his tongue shot at him. He curled around David’s neck, muting him,and was crawling down his chect, then his right leg. David started struggling against the smokers tongue, but he was at a bad angle to bang at the door. His throat was being choked, and only a faint rasping sound could be heard.

Al though what it looked like, Smoker couldn’t kill David, since the infected barely need oxygen to survive, and barely was what David was getting. He could still be knocked out however.

The boomer noises was drowned out by adrenaline, but was ever present.

“BLARGH!”, it called out, regurgitating on David, and everyone who was sleeping. The boomer bile, woke up everyone. Jockey and Hunter made a quick but comepletely useless comment, Smoker groaned and yelled but was equally useless, and Charger was the only one doing something productive. She rammed David, and the momentum of it broke the tongue, and probably a few ribs.

Writer's Block: Have a drink on me

If you were going to make a signature drink that was named after you, what would you put in it?

ruffies duh :P

Writer's Block: A super debate

If you could either have the powers of Spider-man or the Green Lantern, which would you choose, and why?

The green lantern's powers seem to be the most practical and stronger then spidermans. Although he has to be brave, its hard not to with those powers. Ok the ring loses power, same with spidermans webs, all he could do then is climb stuff. (I can parkour up there so :P)

Getting shot: Tyson

Characters in left 4 dead say many things. From the obvious to simple observations. I’m just going to do some observations about themselves. There is going to be a lot of repition Let’s begin shall we?

Tyson getting shot (general)

·         Hey stop it now!

·         Don’t try me!

·         Cut that out!

·         God with these people, who needs flesh eating zombies

·         Ow! Stop doing that!

Tyson getting shot (Lucy)

·         Lucy stop!

·         Don’t “point” that things at me

·         You need to learn how to shoot guns again!

Tyson getting shot (David)

·         I know you can’t see and all, But if you do that one more time, I’ll knock you out

·         I knew all ghetto kids couldn’t shoot, but you’re just terrible

·         I know you can take hits, so if you gonna keep shooting, im gonna start charging.

Tyson getting shot (Keith)

·         Keith stop shooting me, we went over this.

·         I thought Ellis showed you how to shoot!

·         Keith, if this is about that time I wouldn’t let you ride my horse with Ellis I’m sorry

Tyson getting shot (Gloria)

·         What kind of CEDA secret agent are you

·         Stop fondling with your hair, AND LOOK WHO YOUR SHOOTING!

·         God I hate CEDA

Tyson getting shot (Maria)

·         That military training you have, DID TELL YOU WHO TO SHOOT RIGHT?!

·         I got one arm I NEED ya know.

·         Give that gun to someone who can USE IT.




Tyson getting shot (Alexis)


·         Is shooting the people saving you fun or something?

·         Punk, I don’t CARE where you’re from, you need to stop

Tyson getting shot (Oscar)

·         I thought you were a doctor NOT A HOMOCIDAL MANIAC!

·         Doctors know that SHOOTING PEOPLE KILLS THEM



Tyson does favoritism a bit. He also does kind things until you piss him off. He would be kind to Lucy is his love interest and Keith is his brother. He would be nice to David because he’s blind, but that wears off quickly. Everyone else can do things fine.