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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Day six

Lucy woke up in her bedroom. The room was blurry, but there was a distinct man next to her. He looked like he was swinging something. She couldn’t tell. Things started getting less blurry. She arose with a quick realization that her home was being attacked. She was gently pushed back down a hand. She looked to her immediate left. There was the man who, Lucy was still angry with for punching though her door and rushing into the house). He calmly said “Just rest, you got winded pretty well back there.” Lucy replied, with annoyance in her voice, “What happened?”

“Green flu”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m gonna let your friend talk to you about it” He quickly left the room, and Lucy finally realizing that Tyson was next to her. She said kindly “Hey Tyson, what DID I miss?” He said with a grin, “Nothing much, just … THE END OF THE WORLD! This is so awesome. We can do stuff that we couldn’t before.”

“How is the world ending?

“Do you remember that bag I brought with me?”

“Yeah, you brought that yesterday.”

A silent pause was made.

“Girl, that was almost a week ago.”


“Let me get Gloria.”

Tyson walked out the room. Lucy noticed there are claw marks on his back. Ten holes on the back of his neck, and he looks much bigger. The women from before came in. Noticing now, she is quite beautiful, very skinny, at least a c-cup, but something is completely off with her. Lucy can’t put her tongue to it, but the atmosphere around her, fades to envy.

She walks towards Lucy, and bends over, and asks “Are you ok?” “ughhh… I’m fine, I guess, but Tyson said that I’ve been out for a week, and I’m kind---“. Random gun fire shots have been made and someone screaming “Bonk!” A little boy’s voice blurted loudly “Hey, “Tyse” that was so awesome!” Tyson replied proudly and happy, “Yeah I got better!” The man from before said giggling silently “Yeah, too bad you still suck.”

“At least I’m better then you!”

“Could be, come on we should get inside.”

Foot steps towards the house we made, loudly although she only heard two footsteps. Everyone entered her room. Gloria, as Lucy has guessed, said “Everyone, Lucy came to.” The little boy says, loudly and obnoxiously said “That’s cool, but we should go find more zombies, ZOMBIES!” Looking now, Lucy notices that the little boy is about, 3 feet and maybe a half tall, looks skinny with a farmers tan. He has a cap with a diagonal line though it. He is also wearing a shirt, way too small, as you can see his stomach, has cargo pants and some sneakers. He looks a lot like Tyson.

Everyone quickly backs away from him. Looking at “Gloria”, she is incredibly beautiful. She has jet black hair, smooth, like her face. She has a slender body, with tight leather clothes. You can tell she’s at least a C-cup, maybe even a D-cup.

The other one was hard to tell his face. He had a hoodie on, with blood or paint or both or whatever. His eyes are covered with his hoodie, or his jet black hair. He was the tallest here, but Tyson was much more muscular. He had a black hoodie, with jeans, and I’m pretty sure a belt (Though he is still sagging a bit).


The man puts his hand over his chin as if a scholar is thinking. He quickly stopped, snaps his finger and looks over. He says in a sophisticated, calm and generally pleasant voice “Hi, I don’t think I properly introduced myself. I’m David. May I ask what your name is?” Lucy replying, with an angry smirk “I’m Lucy, the person whose door you broke”
“Don’t worry about it, you’re door is steel now. Nothing could break that. Well, there is .., never mind.”

“Wait, what? What does THAT mean?”

“Oh, nothing …

Tyson noticing Lucy, looking at David, confused (as normal), says with relief, “Hey Lucy. Did I introduce my brother?” Tyson grabs the little boy, interrupting his conversation with Gloria. Tyson says with a smirk, with the little boy in his hand, still turned backwards, “This is my brother Keith. He got named after our Dad, who died shortly after, so …” The boy looked confused. Maybe even a bit sad. All of a sudden, however, he blurted out with uncontained happiness “This is so cool! I heard you fainted a while again and … (Blah blah blah blah blah, blah BLAH). After a rough fifteen minutes of him talking, and for some reason him dancing, he finally concluded, “… and that’s how our Dad burned himself so bad that he had burns on top of burns other burns.” He then quickly smiles, runs off to Gloria, who was looking at herself in her compact mirror.

“Help me get up” Lucy says to Tyson. He pulls her up, from her bed. A quick dizzy feeling comes before her, however it does subside. David, taps Lucy on her shoulder, and says “Let’s go fill you in. I bet you feel, stupid for not knowing what is going on.” Lucy shoots him an angry look, as he puts an innocent look on, then a smirk. He signals her to follow, and to leave her room. Lucy, still confused follows, as does Tyson.

They sit on her, now mangled, couch. David looks at Tyson and look back at Lucy, who is sitting on a stool in front of them. “You missed about four days of the infection” David says, with a serious face. “The infection is basically the zombie virus, Green flu, Solomon, whatever you call it, it’s a problem.

 We spent the first few days here, with supplies.” Tyson interrupting, “Keith came by in a bus going to the city. They didn’t get the memo, and they got attacked. We cleared the zombies, Keith got bit, and he …” David, quickly, almost in a blink of an eye, smacked Tyson’s side. Tyson continuing, “Right now he’s fine, as with the rest of us. We all are learning how to fight these things. However we are running out of supplies.” David, now angrier than before, says “We are probably going to leave. There have been too many riots, and people escaping the quarantined zone. However, if you’re going with us, you ARE going to learn to fight.” Tyson now speaking said “You can choose who teaches you, except Keith, since he is still learning too.”

Lucy thinking and still confused, plus startled, simply says “Ugh…” Decide later, it IS getting dark, so get you’re rest. Who’s getting first watch tonight? I think it should be you and I and …” Lucy started feeling drowsy. Her eye lids feel heavy, her shoulders even heavier. She starts to lean over, onto David’s arms. Darkness was shrouding her vision. Slowly, it was getting to the center. David started lifting her, and carrying her to her bed. Before the darkness filled her vision completely, she saw below his hooded eyes. Underneath it was vertical scratches, still bleeding.